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Monthly Update on What's Happening in Room 11

December Edition

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Advent Prayer Service

The fifth graders were responsible for the prayer service during the fourth week of Advent. The theme that week was love. The prayer service was live on Facebook. If you missed it, you can watch it here.


If they have time, over Christmas vacation would be a great time to work on those prayers. The next prayers they will have to pass are the Acts of Faith, Hope, and Love.


We finished unit two in reading so we celebrated with another read and feed. I have to say that their reading stamina was much improved this time. Most of them were able to read for an extended period of time. Now would be a good time to ask your child how they are doing on the 40 Book Challenge!


We have finished the chapters on decimals in our math book. We will still be working on them in our daily reviews though. In January, we will be starting adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. This month, the students participated in some math review Christmas activities. In the pictures below, they were working on problems to help Santa!

Social Studies

We are studying the pioneers who traveled on the Oregon Trail. The students are divided into wagon companies and are doing a simulation to see what it would have been like to actually travel on the trail. So far they have had to ford rivers, survive a storm, and deal with a snake-oil salesmen. Soon they will meet the Shoshone, cross the Rocky Mountains, and deal with a broken down wagon. So far, everyone has survived!


In our study of Spaceship Earth, the fifth graders have discovered how fast the Earth spins (1000 mph) and who set the first clock. Below the students are pictured making their own shadow clocks.

Students Speak...

Class Christmas Party

We had our class Christmas party before we left for Christmas vacation. We played a few Kahoot Christmas games, opened the presents they earned for good behavior in December, opened more presents, and ate some goodies. Many thanks to the parents who supplied us with treats for our party. Also many thanks for the Christmas gifts. I really do appreciate them, and you were more than generous!! Thanks again!!

More pictures from our party may be found on my website,


Looking ahead...

January 4 - School resumes

January 12 - End of Second Quarter and First Semester

January 13 - No School Teacher In-service

January 19 - Report Cards sent home

January 21 - Winter FAST Testing

January TBD - Winter aMath and aReading Testing

January 31 - Soup Luncheon and Catholic Schools Week Begins