Force and Motion

Let the force be with you

In my class we are learning about newtons three laws of motion and we are also learning about simple machines and a lever , a pulley , inclined plain and also a wedge and screw and i can never forget about the well and axial.

newtons first law of motion

'a object at rest will stay at rest unless ached by an unbalanced force,''that means if you have a book and you wont See it move by itself because it is at rest and wont move until you ''a force moves it ''.and if a object in mochin it will continue in mochin unless some thing stops it.

Newtons second law of motion

Acceieration is produced when a force ackts on a mass (of an object being acceleration) the graiter amount of froce needed (to accelerate the object.)

Newtons threed law of motion

For evoy aktion there is a reaktion.

Simple machines