"Chemicals are can be EXPLOSIVE" by: Jordan Burns 4th hour

Basic Information on becoming a Chemist.

  • You will work in labs to study things.
  • You will study lots of different types of substances.
  • You will work on chemicals like rocket fuel or makup.
  • Chemists make 38 to 95 thousand dollars.
  • You need a masters degree in chemistry to become a chemist.
  • You will often wear safety glasses.
  • You can work for the government reaserch fields ect...
  • There are four main fields of chemistry organic, inorganic, analytical, and physcial.
  • As a chemist you may develope new foods.
  • You will face compotion for this job.

Pros and cons of this career.

Pros of this career.

  • You can be paid 38 to 95 thousand dollars.
  • You only work 40 hours a week.
  • You can be creative in this career.
Cons of this career.

  • You face a lot of compotion for this career.
  • Chemists work with dangours substances.
  • You need a masters degree to be a chemist.

What do you need to succeed in this career?

  • In high school you should take calculus, chemistry, and physics.
  • In college you need a masters degree in chemistry.
  • Other college courses you can take are organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, chemical physics, ect...

Carthage college- Konesha

  • What you will do at this college is complete lab experiments.
  • Go to the lake next to the campus to do research.
  • Carthage offers majors in chemistry and minors in chemistry.
  • Contact Carthage by calling this number 262-551-6000.

  • You can get a major in chemistry.
  • You do research projects.
  • You get hands on reaserch


  • It's a private school.
  • You can't get a doctorate degree.
  • It's a smaller college.

Edgewood college- Madison

  • You can get a minor in chemistry.
  • You can get a major in chemistry.
  • You will work in labs and go outside and complete experiments.
  • Come visit this college at 1000 Edgewood college,Dr,Madison WI 53711.


  • Gives students a chance to work in a lab setting.
  • You can get a major and a minor in chemistry.
  • Only costs 20000.


  • It's a private school.
  • The school is small.
  • Doesn't have a lot of different races in the school.

Viterbo college- Lacrosse

  • You can get a major in or minor chemistry.
  • The college gives a lot of lab time.
  • The school has a lot of tools.
  • Contact us at 608-796-3010


  • The school gives a lot of lab time.
  • It's professors want you to be successful.
  • It's cheap to enroll


  • Not a lot of people go to the school.
  • It's a private school.
  • Doesn't have many races.

Associations/Professional organizations to learn more about this career., 8003339511 or,

Become a chemist add.

Do you like to work with chemicals? Then become a chemist. Chemists work on a wide range of chemicals from rocket fuel to makeup. Working as a chemists you can 54960 dollars a year. You need a masters degree in chemistry to have this job. If you decide to become a chemists you will develop new types of food as well as plastics. Go to American chemical society or to learn more about becoming a chemist today.