Alphabet: I learned the alphabet in the fist grade. At first I had no idea what it was then a got really good at it. My friends learned it a little faster than me but I caught up with them. I already knew the ones that were in my name but that was it. I used to have to look at the back the room at the top of the board that had all the letters on it so that i could remember them and how to right them. In third grade I learned cursive and I sucked at it. The teacher made us do it every day and eventually I stopped righting Print. In fourth grade everything was cursive and by that time I knew it very well and in fifth grade we were allowed to do print and all the other kids switched back but I didn't. Now in seventh I cant wright print because I forgot or just don't like to wright that way. Sometimes when we do work sheets the other kids cant read my writing because it is in cursive and sometimes when I am reading the others kids things I get confused to because it is in print instead of cursive. By the middle of the year I was able to read the other kids work sheets and know what they were saying.


Brothers: At the beginning of this school year my brother got a new house down in Emmetsberg where he goes to school. He goes to school for boats, jet skis, and snow mobiles. The thing that he is taking for collage is called aqua marina. Every summer we have a slot for our camper down in redwood that is on lost island and we have a boat that is very old so we have had to work on it a lot and get it fixed so now that my brother is going to collage he is going to be able to fix it. My brothers house is very big on the inside he has a huge living room with lots of games. The different games he has are xbox xbox 360 xbox one and a ps3. Sometimes when he comes home for a wile he brings one of his games home and we play together. In his house there are two t.v.s, one is in his room and the other is in the living room. He also has a porch behind his house. up stairs he has three rooms, one is a bath room one is his room and the last one is an empty bedroom that his old roommate used to live in. In his garage he has a lot of tools that he uses on his snowmobiles during the winter.


Camping: About three years ago I talked my mom and dad into getting a camper so that we could stay up at the lakes. At fist we didn’t know where to camp but one of my friends Jordan told us that she goes up to Lost Island every summer. My mom and dad wanted to buy my grandmas camper but she didn’t want to get rid of it even though she hadn't used it for over ten years and it was siting in the shed. after one summer my grandma finally let us buy it. My grandpa had already wanted to sell it but my grandma doesn’t like change. After we bought it we used it for one more year. Then we traded it off for a more newer used camper that we use today. This week end I went camping and I just got a new bike to up there with it so I can ride it this summer. This weekend I got to hang out with a lot of people I went on a paddle boat and two weight boards with some friends. The paddle boat was a lot more slower than the boards and we couldn’t keep up with them. After that we went on a bike ride on the trail. The trail goes almost halfway a crossed the lake. After that we would go to the camper and eat.



I have a horse named dolly she is very old. I used to ride her in shows and I got a lot of trophies with her. She Is a small pony. She is white. She is blind in certain parts of her eyes. My mom says they are like little white dots where she can’t see. Every Time I rode her she had to trust me to tell her where to go because she could not see. Sometimes her not being able to see was a good thing because when I was showing her she wouldn’t get distracted and she would do exactly what I told her to do. I rode her for about three years but then she got to old to rid. About five months ago my brother jumped on her and she buck him off. She used to follow my old horse Mary Joe around and she would help her get to her stall. Ever sense Mary Joe died my mom and dad have to walk out and get her and take her to her stall. Over the years she has gotten very skinny and her eyes have gotten worse. She is one of our last horses that we have. My mom and dad sold all but four of our horses and they say that they will never sell her because she is to old.



When I was in elementary it was a lot easier than middle school. When I was in elementary I never had homework until I was in fifth grade and I hated having to take stuff home to work on. Most of the time I couldn’t work on it because I was doing something with my family and didn’t have the time to work on it. My mom and dad always helped me but sometimes i still didn’t get it done. every time that you got in trouble or didn’t get something wrong you had to flip a card. the fist time you flipped a car it was a warning the second was five minutes taken away from your recess the third was ten minutes and the fourth was a hole recess and if you made it passed that the teacher would call your parents and you would go to the principles office for a detention. the only person who got it regularly was a kid in my class named chandler tod and he always got in trouble now matter if he did it or not because the teachers knew that he always was involved. Even in middle school he still gets in trouble. I never made it to the last card. Many of my friends got them. In first second and third grad I hardly ever got one.



My family is almost all farmers on my dads side. My dad has been farming his hole life. My dad’s corporation has expanded a lot in the past twenty years. He used to have to use a tractor and a one row combine to get the corn and they only had two very small wagons. Now he has four really big wagons and has a combine that does eight rows at a time. He also has a planter that does Sixtine rows. My dad has the eight row head for the combine so that way it lines up with the Sixtine row other wise like last year every other row was off centered and both of the rows bent in because we had a twelve row planter instead of the one we have now and my dad bought a new combine during harvest and our old one did six rows. Now my dad also has a semi with a trailer that we use to take the corn out of the grain bins and to town to the co-op. My dad just last year bought a bigger shop that connects to the old one and is triple the size. My dad also fixes tractors and other things for people. Over the winter my dad paints peoples tractors and over the summer he is either fixing them or he is farming. This summer I am going to have to fill in for my brother because he is going to be working all summer.



When I was younger I always went to my grandmas all the time. I would go there almost every day and play there. My grandma always had cookies and other things like that to eat. when ever I went there she had a little room on the front side of the house and she called it the toy room. In the toy room she had big legos, tractors, trucks, and toy tools that I would play with. I usually built a shed out of the big legos and put the tractors and stuff inside. One time with my cousin we made a bridge over my grandmas train track. After that I built a bridge over my cousin so that he couldn’t get out. I used to have two bikes in there garage and I would ride them around the farm. Every day at three thirty my dad has a break where he goes to my grandmas house and has a pop and some snacks. I used to help my grandma get the pop and stuff but now I am helping my dad instead. I used to go into my grandpas office and play on his computer. On his computer I would play spider solitaire with my grandma. I could only play the game on easy with only one set of cards but my grandma and grandpa played it on hard with either two or four decks of cards.



When I was little my brother and I loved insects. We would go out to my mothers garden and look for them. We would always find ladybugs and caterpillars. One time when I was going to bed I looked out my window and saw a prey mantis crawling on my screen so I called for my mom and she went out side and got it in an ice cream bucket and the next day I took it to school and during recess we looked around the school for insects so that it could eat. I had him for a while but eventually I couldn’t find bugs to feed it and I didn’t have the time to look for them so died and he was all brown and was as stiff as a rock. My neighbors had asked if they could use him for their science project but I didn’t let them. Two years after that my brother had to collect insects for a school project that every one had to do when they were a fresh men so I helped him get many different ones like dragonflies, centipedes, role-polies, and ladybugs. By the time we were done my brother had gotten many bugs and he did so good that he had gotten an a plus. I haven’t looked for that many bugs after that.



Jessy is my moms old horse. We got her from a person that lives by marathon park. When we got her we also got my other horse dolly who is a pony. When my mom first bought her she was broke and she could ride her in shows. My mom got most fist places with her. She was a very smart horse. One day my neighbor fell off her horse and broke her arm and her neck and my mom got scared to ride horses after that. My mom tried to brush her one time and she freaked out and fell over kicking every where. My brother wants to take her to one of his friends so that he can break her so he can ride her. Jessy is a very big horse. she is a peachy color. Jessy is very friendly to people and will let you pet her.the last time someone rode her was a couple of years ago and my mom took her around the farm. Right now she is our biggest horse and she is the only female horse that isn’t a pony. She is very playful and messes around with all the other horses. One time me and my mom were coming home from school and Jessy and my brothers horse spunky were sitting next to the fence playing around with each other.



When I was in kindergarten my teacher was Mrs. Botcher. I only hung out with a few people and only one of them was in my class. the people i hung out with were Tanner Nagengast, Brooklyn Anderson, and Tyler Vick. The only one that was in my class was Tyler Vick. I wasn’t the smartest in my grade but I knew somethings that the other kids in my class didn’t know. I wasn’t able to read or right until about half way through the year. One of the only things I knew really well was math. I only knew how to plus and minus but I was really good at it. When I was in kindergarten I only had about eight kids in my class. I was the only kid who was a farmer in my class and if I was still going to the same school I still would be. When I was in kindergarten I never had homework and all I can remember doing is watching movies. During kindergarten I lived in my old house that is about fifty feet away from where my new house is. I used to have an orange room that my mother painted with a sponge. My brother lived up stairs and I used to stay in his room sometimes. When I was in kindergarten my brother had to come and pick me up so that I could leave.



I used to have a dog named Lady. She was a collie. My parents had her before I was born so I grew up with her by the time I was five she didn’t play with toys any more. She would never go in my room because I had toys all over the floor. She always sat in the living room on the ground in front of the couch my dad and my brother were very protective of her. She used to go with us when we rode horses. She was friends with all of the cats that we had on the farm. They would always come up when she came out side and they would cuddle together. She would never bite unless you made her. She was very well trained. She was about the size of a chair if not smaller. One time in the winter my dad gave her some stake and it was very hot and she ran out side and stuck her hole mouth in the snow so she could cool off then she ran back in side and laid down on the carpet in the living room. When I was about ten we had gone some where for a long time and we left her out side and she was really old and got collie hips and couldn’t walk and when it happened she had fallen in a mud puddle and laid there for a very long time and when we got home my mom and dad helped he get into the garage and then in the morning they took her to the vet and they put her down.


Motor cycles:

My dad has so many motor cycles you can’t even count that many. When I was ten my dad got my brothers old dirt bike to run so that way i can ride it. after about two years of riding my brothers my dad asked if I wanted my own and he asked what color and i said red and black and by the time it was summer he had talked to one of his friends who had an eighty cc and didn’t use it any more because their kids were to big to ride it anymore. They gave it to my dad for free because they had gotten it for free from one of their friends a wile ago. My dad surprised me with it and i rode it all summer. The next summer I didn’t get to ride at all because my dad was moving a tractor and had backed into it and it fell over and broke the clutch. A year later I made my dad buy me a new clutch and now it works like brand new. Ever sense that I haven’t even bothered to ride my dads four wheeler. I have taken my dirt bike all over. I have taken it to the pit down by Marathon and the one by Web with my brother and his three friends Michele Jordan and Logan.


New years:

Every new years my family has had a big party. We always bring lots of food and other stuff. We usually have it at either my house or my grandmas. My dad usually makes something on the smoker like ribs or a brisket. This last year I had a friend over and we watched the bell drop. I thought it was really cool to watch it. and if it isn’t bad out my dad sometimes does fire works and stuff like that. every year before winter we go to get fire works over in South Dakota at this huge shop. we use them for the holidays and stuff like new years one time we got this fire work that spelled out happy new years and it lasted a long time. I like new years because i get to see my family. I also like it because I get a lot of food. My grandma always makes something that is super good and you can’t resist it. Last year my aunt Carolyn made my dad a big blanket that said happy new years on it. Sometimes on new years my cousin comes up from Kansas and he stays over at my house for a wile. Every time he comes up we have a lot of fun and play games and sometimes my mom would let us stay up late.



Ever cense I was little I have always wanted to see an octopus. When I was about nine years old I saw my first one at a zoo in Kansas. It wasn’t as big as I thought it would be but it was still really cool. By the octopus I saw there was a sign that said a lot about him and what his name was. It said what kind of octopus he was, where he cam from, how big he was, how old he was, how much he weighted, and his birth day. There was also another octopus in with him and she was his sister and she also had a sign about here. She was a lot more bigger that her brother and was older too. She was more active when I was there. He didn’t seem to move a lot but she swam all over. We stayed there long enough to see them get feed and it was really cool. I also learned that they had beaks and it was under their body. They all have eight tentacles and that is how they get their name octopus. I also learned that they can squirt out ink when they get scared. They didn’t squirt while I was there. I wonder if that is were i get the ink in my pens at.


Pets: I have had many pets ever sense I was young. Some of my pet are cats, dogs, horses, ducks, chickens, salamanders, and snakes. When I was little I had a dog named Lady. She was a collie. My parents had had before I was born. I remember that she would never come in my room because I had to many things on the floor and when it was clean she just didn’t want to go in there when she got about forting we left to go to a party or something and we came back and she had gotten collie hips where she isn’t able to stand up and she was laying in a mud puddle and in the morning my mom and dad had to put her down and I didn’t know until later that day. I also used to have a horse. Her name was Mary Joe. She was a pony. I had showed her in very many rodeos. When I was about eight or nine she had gotten really old and we could not ride her any more and she ended up dying. Another one of my pets is the dog that I have now. His name is hutch. He is a shih tzu crossed with a yorkie it is a called a shorkie. He is almost four years old and twenty-eight in dog years.



When I was very young my mom and dad had boughten me and my brothers ducks and they grew to be very big. My mom and dad gave us four. I named my two Bob and Joe. My brother gave his some other stupid names. They Lived to be about five and then they were killed by our neighbors dog. My mom bought us more a couple years later this time we got more and there was a couple of girls this time. the girls ended up getting big enough that they started to lay eggs and we put them in a cage with the eggs so that way nothing happened to them and so that our cats wouldn’t take them away. we also put them in our barn with a light so They were warm. After a wile they hatched and we had even more ducks and we waited until they were big enough to be let louse and they went all around our farm and they never when by our house because we were always there and me and my brother used to chase them because it was fun to watch them flap their wings as they tried to run away.



I very fist started running when I was about ten years old when I did my first five k. the first one I ever did I got second for my age. The second year I got third because I didn’t have time to train before like I did the first one. My fist year I beat my brother and he is six years older than me. The second year my brother didn’t run. This year I plan on doing a lot better because I am in a way better shape than I was before and this year I have been running a lot more faster and I have also have gone out for cross country and have trained with my couch Keith at the beginning of the year I also did the living history farms run and I almost beat my couch's record for the run. I plan to run over the summer so that when cross country starts I can improve a lot. I am going to run at Lost Island on the bike bath there on the week ends and then when I am at home I am going to either going to run on the treadmill or on the gravel roads. If am able to get up early enough I can try to run to school which is only seven miles long.



I have played soccer ever sense I was in preschool. Soccer is my favorite sport. I have played every year but this year I couldn’t because of track so instead I played in Spencer at the indoor arena. When I first when I went there I only knew one person and I went to youth group with and it was very awkward when I was partnered with someone else. I wasn’t the best on the team but I did my best. At practice there was a lot more kids then there was on my team. We had practice every Thursday at four o-clock and we had our game every Saturday at five. After a while I figured out every ones name and they learned my’n. At my first game I learned who all was on my team.We didn’t have very many teammates. One of the kids on my team was in sixth grade and I learned that he goes to Sioux Central too. When i was younger my mom would coach my team. When I was in fifth grade i played with the sixth grade and there was a girl named Broke and she was in sixth grade. Broke and I discovered that we were really good at playing forwards because I would get it to the goal and she would kick it in.



This year I was in seventh grade that meant that I could go out for track. I had already gone out for cross country and I knew I liked running so I knew that I was going to go out. The one problem with track season was it was in the middle of soccer so I had to pick which one I wanted to do so I picked track because I would be with all my friends and I wouldn’t have to travel so far every day for practice. I got two of my friends to go out for it so that I would have someone to hang out with. My coach Keith made me run more longer things than everybody else because I was a distance runner. At first I was the best in the distance group but than Dawson decided to run faster so he was better than me because he could sprint and I wasn’t good at all at very fist race I got third in the mile because I was leading by about a two hundred at the begging and I felt it on about the third lap. My second race I got second. My third race i got third again. My forth race I got sixth. My last race I got third and I got beat on the sprint.



When I was ten I became interested in the stars and I started to study them. I learned that there is one hundred billion stars in the milky way. My favorite one was orion the hunter. I always could find orion because I knew exactly what he looked like and where he was. During the summer u can see him the best because the earth is pointing towards him. After learning more about him I made a model of him on the celling of my room out of plastic stars that glowed in the dark. The more light the stars got the brighter they were at night when I was going to go to bed. Orion was not the only star I learned about I also learned about the big dipper and the little dipper which are really two bears the big one is the mother and the little one is her cub. I know a lot more but the only way I know where some of them are is by finding where Orion is and then I know where every thing else is from there. I can find him by looking for his belt and I find the others from there. My mom and brother don’t know any others than the little and big dippers. My dad knows some but not as many as I do.


Video games:

The first time I ever played a video game was when I was in second grade. The first game I ever played was call of duty two. It was about world war two. I played it on my brothers x box. I did not know very much about the world war two except that it was a long time before I was born. After playing the I understood most of what it was about. The second game ever played was midnight club three. It was a free Rome game where you can buy, upgrade and race your own cars. At first my brother was way better than me but after about two months I got better than him with more better and faster cars. Me and my brother played that game for over a year and then I got and x box and the first game I played on that was halo and I played that with my neighbor for a while. Now I play assassin’s creed. Assassin’s creed is my favorite game. I have four different assassin’s creed games. The ones I have are black flag, rouge, revaluation, and assassin’s creed three. My favorite one is black flag. Black flag is about a pirate named Edward Kennaway who tries to become rich but ends up saving the world from the evil Templars how are the enemies of the assassin’s so Edward joins the assassin’s so that he can take out the Templars.




My Favorite store to go to is Walmart. I like Walmart because they literally every thing that i need. I love going to Walmart with my friends because we get to mess around and look at cool stuff and buy cool toys. One time I went with my brother and his friends and we stuck toilet plungers to the floor and one of them put one on the fish tank. One time I went there all we did was play with toy swords that are made out of foam. About two weeks ago I went to Walmart to get a bike and I used about six Walmart gift cards.When I was about eight I used to play with transformers and every time I went to Walmart my mom let me get one transformer. I have about fifty transformer toys that I got from Walmart. after a while my mom wouldn’t them any more because I had to many of them that I couldn’t play with them all. Now I keep them down stairs with all my other toys. One of the only reasons that I bought them was because me and my friend mason always played with them. I stopped playing with them when he moved to West Bend and we stopped hanging out. I have had him over once or twice cense then and we played with them for a little bit but not very much.


X box

About four years ago my parents built a new house and on Christmas my parents bought me and my brother many new stuff and I got a x box and my brother got a ps3 and we both got our own flatscreen TVs. We had a huge basement and my dad had already given us two older TVs so we had stands for them down stairs. My parents had given me four games halo anniversary, transformers, star wars kinect, and halo three ODST. MY brother got three games little big world two, battle field, and some other game that I can’t remember what its called. Sense than my brother has gotten a lot more games than I have but I think I only have about fourteen. I think my brother has thirty. When I fist got my x box I could almost never play it because my brother was always on it with his friends playing mine craft because they didn’t have mine craft on the ps3 yet he had to use my x box. After my brothers friend got rid of his x box I was finally able to play it. My brother wouldn’t let me play his ps3 so finally I took my x box cord and hid it so he couldn’t play it. Once my brother finally graduated I could finally play it by myself.



I have had yogurt ever sense I was little. My favorite flavor is the strawberry kind. My mom always buys the ones from Walmart that have the movie characters on them. My brothers favorite color is the green one. My moms favorite Color is the cherry kind. My dad doesn’t really care for yogurt. Yogurt is actually very good for you. it can help you when you are constipated and don’t feel good. Sometimes when I have a sour throat I eat yogurt and it doesn’t hurt as bad other times will just have jello or fruit roll ups and it helps but yogurt is my favorite. Sometimes I get lazy and use my moms pizza roller and get all the yogurt out of the rapper. During the summer I freeze them and I eat them on very hot days. Sometimes when I am picking up rocks my mom will bring me some yogurt during break time. My mom sometimes eats yogurt with bananas and strawberries. My brother doesn’t eat that much yogurt instead he eats chocolate fudge or pudding. I don’t really like pudding or fudge that much. My mom eats yogurt twice as much as me and she likes it ten times more. My dad hates yogurt and fudge and pudding. No one else in my whole family eats yogurt besides me and my mom.



I went to the zoo last summer with my cousin. We saw all of the animals. There were bears, kangaroos, moose, geese, monkeys, lizards, snakes, turtles, fish, hippos, beavers, Deere, tigers, and seals. We got to feed some of them. When we looked at the hippo the guard person was cleaning of the walls with a water hose and the hippo kept on putting its mouth in front of the water and drinking it. After looking at the hippo we went to go look at the monkeys. They had so many monkeys big and small. After the monkeys we looked at the bears and they had three of them. My uncle told us about how last year a guy fell down there and the bear took of his fingers. After that we went to go to the aquarium to look at the fish. One of the fish started to follow me and it was huge. After that we looked at the kangaroos. There was at leased six in there. They were very tall and had little kangaroos in their pouches. After that we looked at the moose they had two of them. They were huge. Both of them were boys. After that we looked at the snakes. There were three big ones and all the rest were really small. After that we all went home.