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AVID Mission Statement

AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID Summer Institute in Philadelphia

Here's what we're saying about it!

As a math teacher, I like to find ways for my students to problem solve collaboratively. At the AVID Summer Institute, I engaged in 9 such collaborative activities. One that I will definitely use this year is called World Café. This is a powerful strategy that allows groups of three to five students to approach critical problems while at the same time developing and refining their presentation and discussion skills. The classroom is arranged into “stations” with different questions to discuss. The group discusses (or solves) their first question while the group leader records responses and key ideas on chart paper. When the predetermined discussion time is over, the groups rotate to new questions while one group member stays with their chart paper to summarize her/his group’s work. This person now becomes the new group leader who can add on any new ideas discussed by the second group. This procedure continues until all of the questions have been discussed or until time has run out.

As I participated in this activity, I gained a deeper understanding of the questions discussed by allowing others to share their interpretations and thoughts. I think it is a valuable strategy to use in math class, as the collaborative groups will likely be able to approach the questions in a variety of ways and will need to justify their mathematical reasoning.

~Stacy Grice (4th Grade Math Teacher)


The AVID Summer Institute was a great experience. What stood out to me the most was the passion teachers of AVID bring to their classrooms, students, and colleagues. The energy is contagious and the ideas they present are engaging. I learned a lot and am excited for us to begin our AVID journey at Chadwick.

~Nikki Brewer (Math Resource Teacher)


AVID Summer Institute further solidified my excitement for this adventure. The passion of the educators is energizing as they tell their AVID stories. It made me eager to write our own Chadwick ES story!

~Kate Miller (Principal)


The AVID Summer Institute was a fantastic experience for me! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and collaborating with teachers from across the country on newly learned AVID strategies throughout the weekend. I was very excited to learn more about Philosophical Chairs and experience one first hand with the rest of my colleagues. I love the fact that this AVID strategy gives students the opportunity to take a stand on a central statement based on what they have read. It also encourages students to be respectful and actively listen to seek understanding of the opposing speaker’s point of view. Philosophical Chairs is a great way to engage students in academic dialogue over a controversial statement/prompt and supports students’ ability to reason and think critically.

~Ciara Conyers (STAT Teacher)

AVID Acronym Highlight!


W - Writing to Learn

I - Inquiry

C - Collaboration

O - Organization

R - Reading to Learn

Meet your AVID Site Coordinator

Erica Confair-Weimer

Dear Chadwick Faculty~

For those of you who do not know me, WELCOME TO CHADWICK. My name is Erica Confair-Weimer and I am the Vocal Music Teacher and AVID Site Coordinator here at Chadwick Elementary School. On September 3rd I will begin my 14th year of teaching at Chadwick. I started here when I was the ripe age of 22. My love for the humans in this building and the community that we serve, is something I am truly passionate about - they are my "Why". I live in Towson with my husband Philip, our daughter Farah, my sister Erin and our Pug, Penny. I love growing vegetables, watching reality TV, cooking, avoiding cleaning my house, and going to our pool! I am an ICF trained Life Coach and see clients as part of a private practice ECW Life Coaching.


My journey with AVID started years ago when my sister was assigned to teach the AVID Elective at her high school and attended her first summer institute. Over the years of her teaching the elective, and our many conversations about AVID, I realized how amazing it would be for AVID to be in the elementary schools. Especially for our students here at Chadwick, many of whom are first generation college students.


In 2016 I co-developed our girls mentoring program (Leading Ladies) here at Chadwick that transferred many different AVID skills. I was thrilled in 2018 when I found out that BCPS was expanding to Elementary Schools and choosing 10 pilot sites, with Chadwick being one of these schools. I'm humbled to lead our school through this expansion.


My excitement for AVID grows the more I learn about it and the more I use it in my classroom. I hope to share more about AVID and how you can use it, love it and live it too! While there will be many more occasions that AVID is presented more formally, my door is always open and I am happy to answer, or find the answer, to any questions you might have!

Looking forward to the best year ever! WE ARE LIMITLESS!



Erica Confair-Weimer

Chadwick Elementary School

AVID Site Coordinator



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Congratulations are in order for the following staff members who are AVID CENTER TRAINED! This was accomplished either by attending Summer Institute, Summer Academy or completing 6 AVID Professional Learning Workshops (APLW's).

Look for the AVID Center Trained signs and AVID Pennants outside their doors!

Ciara Conyers

Nikki Brewer

Erica Confair-Weimer

Kate Miller

Nicole White

Michele Woods-Pinto

Stacy Grice

Amy Yorko

Safina Kleinman

Samantha May

We would like all staff to be AVID Center Trained!

Please see Erica about how YOU can get AVID Center Trained!

AVID Autumn Academy - Friday October 18th and Saturday October 19th!

(If you attend you WILL be AVID Center Trained!)

What is your College Story?

Share it with us!

Please access the survey link that Kate sent out and do not forget to include your College Story! We will be using this information to create a college culture here at Chadwick!

Chadwick Elementary School

In 2018 Chadwick Elementary School was selected as one of the first elementary cohorts in Baltimore County Public Schools to pilot AVID Elementary.