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March: M-7 Acquire and Demonstrate Knowledge

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What does M-7 Look Like @ RRES?

  • KWL charts to assess student knowledge
  • Data Trackers
  • How-To Videos/ Writing
  • Turn and Talk/ Peer Discussions
  • Hands on Projects to demonstrate learning

How can we achieve this at Rocky River?

it seems like we are ALWAYS assessing students, but it doesn't always have to be ONE EXTRA THING to do. As we are going through a unit or activity, there are plenty of ways for students to show their knowledge.

Entry and Exit Tickets:

Students can answer one or two question problems, depending on the skill. This is a quick check for you to make sure you are going in the right direction, and will help guide future lessons/ grouping.

Try out Plickers! They are an easy way to use QR codes and our devices for real time assessment info.

Anchor Charts:

We have been using a LOT of anchor charts this year, and that's GREAT for our students. Students can be making these as well! It's a great practice to have all of past anchor charts stored somewhere that is accessible for students to refer to throughout the year. Mrs. Waters is a perfect example- all of her anchor charts are connected to hangars, and hung where students can browse through them.

S'more is a wonderful resource for digital anchor charts. Through your teacher account, you can set up a class account for each student to use:)


We have lots of different programs/ resources that students can use to CREATE and show what they know.

In Educreations students can make short video clips or slides with voice over to explain their work.

With Chatterpix, students can take a picture from a certain skill/ story, and record themselves explaining the concept/story.

Reading Reflection

Part of Acquiring and Demonstrating Knowledge of being a reflective learner. Check out the slideshow above that has some great reflection activities for your students as readers.

This Month's Challenge

There are multiple tools mentioned in this newsletter. Try one out! Post to this Padlet what you did, and how it benefitted your students. You may win something.....:)

**Need help planning? Sign up to have Mrs. Cook help out! **

Media Updates!!!!

S.O.S. Strategies

We have discussed this resource before, but this is a great quick reference to 100 of these strategies. *Make sure to log into Discovery Ed before, so that you can access them.

Let's Research!

What better way to enhance a research project or activity with a virtual reality lesson to go with the topic or unit of study. If you haven't experienced a virtual reality experience with me yet, please email me and we can set up a time. Please check out the link to the many different Google Expeditions that we can visit.

Second grade gets to experience a Virtual Reality lesson with written responses.

The Media Center is Available!

Ms. Jayne and Mrs. Kouwe would love to have visitors come and set up camp in the Rocky River Media Center. There is plenty of space for students to come and work on projects, have a GENRE tasting, a Virtual Reality lesson or even enjoy some DEAR time. Email Ms. Jayne for times available and take advantage of all that the media center has to offer.