Hunan, China

Population: 65,ooo,ooo


  • located south of yangtze river
  • looks like head of cow
  • 2 provinces above chicken foot


  • 211,800 square kilometers
  • 4 surrounding mountains (wuling, xuefeng, nanling, and luoxiao)

Tourist Attractions

  • Yueyang Tower
  • Dongting lake
  • Changshu Window of the World

Tourist Attractions

Mao Zedong (1893-1976)

  • communist leader who founded people's republic of china, also responsible for the policies of the "Great Leap Forward" and "Cultural Revolution."
  • born in Hunan, china December 26, 1893


  • 81,081 square miles
  • Capital changsha
  • Population is 65 million


  • 10th overall GDP in china- 2.22 trillion yuan (355.28 billion dollars)
  • Hunan's relationship with the U.S. Is a mutual relationship


  • Hunan cuisine stems from an old-age reputation as a "land of fish and rice"
  • Hunan cuisine favors techniques such as stir fry, steaming, and smoking