Aracely Guerrero

art work

Dia De Los Muertos

Dia Los Muertos is a Mexican tradition that is celebrating our love ones that had passed away Dia De Los Muertos is a holiday were we have a stand and put the person who passed away their favorite food, candles, and their favorite drink and pictures and flowers etc. this holiday lets them know that even tho they are dead we still remember them and love them and care for them..

''we love you and care for you don't ever forget that cause we always do and always will.''

-Aracely Guerrero

Interactive contour

on this assignment we had to draw a image of a hand, a foot, or a face doing something and we would have a person modeling the picture to make it look like they are actually doing it instead of it just being a drawing for this assignment we had picked a person spray painting a wall spelling the word squad.. it was a unique idea because we were all friends and we like painting and then we came up with the idea spray paint a wall.

what have I learned?

well i learned that. you shouldn't care what people think about you and your art because every art doesn't look the same. Every painting every drawing every sculpture is unique there isn't 2 drawing alike there isn't 2 paintings alike and there isn't 2 sculptures alike.I also have learned how to shade shadows and how to show values on your drawings.Also how to draw a skull for the Mexican holiday Dia De Los Muertos. So now i know how to draw a skull and put value on it by shading and stippling.I also learned the different types of form and i learned about line contour.

so far.......

so far in these first 2 months of school I have learned so much in art that i didn't learn last year in Stewart middle school.I have learned my art techniques in these first 2 months from Mrs. Starkweather she has taught me so much like line forms and shading and also value and other cool skills that you can learn so you can paint and draw. Mrs. Starkweather teaches me so much cool techniques that i cant wait for the rest of the year because she will teach me more skills and values and techniques.

''Its not ugly, its just unique, like me.''

everybody is different

everyone is different

everybody has different ideas and plans

everybody is unique