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Transfiguration Talent Show!

“Calling All Tigers!! It is time for the annual Student Council sponsored Talent Show!"

Have a talent you want to share with the world?

Please have a family member record a short video (no more than 1 minute) of your talent and send to

In the email, include your first name and your talent. For instance, if you are dancing – include the name of the dance.

All entries must be submitted by Monday May 18th!

2019 - 2020 Transfiguration School Yearbooks

It's not too late...We have ordered extra yearbooks and they are available for YOU to purchase!

$20.00 cash or check (made out to Transfiguration).

This year will be one to look back on. Learning from home pictures are included! Please email us at to reserve your copy today.

End of Year Schedule

Friday, May 29, 2020 - Last day of the school year for


Tuesday, May 26 and Wednesday, May 27 – Final assessments, projects and assignments.

Wednesday, May 27 – Final Wellness Wednesday with Mass and catch up on all work.

Thursday and Friday, May 28 and 29 – Transfiguration Fun Days – Activities will be scheduled for all of our students throughout these 2 days and all are invited to participate.

Tuesday, June 2 - 8th grade Graduation – time to be determined

Monday through Thursday, June 1 – 4 (more details to come!)

  • Return curriculum, library books, and devices.
  • Pick up of personal items left at school.

2020 - 2021 School Bus

If you are planning on riding the bus in District 622 next school year, you must fill out a school bus request form. Click HERE for the form. Please fill out the form and email is back to the school by Thursday June 6th . If you have any questions, please contact Jane or Sarah at 651-501-2220 or

Our very own STAR student competes on World of Dance!

Savannah is a 3rd grader at Transfiguration and has recently had the opportunity to be a contestant on the NBC show World of Dance. The show premieres on Tuesday, May 26th, and Savannah would love for you to watch her journey unfold. She is so grateful for all of the support she has received from her Transfiguration family!

Transfiguration At Home Declamations 2020

Mrs. Lunde

1.Where did you set up your Distance Learning space at home?

My dining room table.

2 – What have you enjoyed about working from home?

I have enjoyed going on walks and not having a commute- no more getting up at am! It has also given me a little time to catch up on some hobbies. I like to take breaks every couple hours to sew, read, play games, or bake. I made a really delicious flourless chocolate cake last week!

3 – What piece of advice do you have for students or families during this time?

Take a break. Make time to be quiet and just breathe. I like to sit on my deck in the sun and just close my eyes for a little while.

4 – Any fun or interesting stories you can share about experiences you have had during this social distancing era?

My husband and I got our hands on an old copy of Mario Party. We have enjoyed playing together, but it turns out we are both terrible at it!

Summer On Demand Art Classes with Young Rembrandts

Our On-Demand classes are:

  • Safe – privacy (students cannot be recorded while on video) –
  • Manageable – recorded (students can pause, stop or take a break) –
  • Practical – Parents can enroll anytime
  • Reasonable cost – Big online companies, sometimes are not clear about extra fees
  • High Quality – Video setup and instructions are professionally performed and recorded
  • Supplies – just pencils and markers (no need for delivery)

Young Rembrandts - Twin Cities, Minnesota and Western Wisconsin

Check out our Facebook page

Learn more by clicking the PDF below! Still have questions?

Email Giordano Fontana at

Our School is Unstoppable: Interview with the Director of the Preschool, Kristen Thomas

Attention Preschool!

Important Upcoming Dates/Events via Zoom

· Friday May 15th 2nd - PreK Art Class 11am

· Tuesday May 19th – PreK Family Costume Party 6:30pm

· Friday May 29th – Preschool Graduation 11am

Early Learning Scholarships

Do you have a preschooler who will be attending our 4/5 class for the 20-21 school year? If yes, please check out the Early Learning Scholarships available via the Schulze Foundation. Every year they award $250,000 in tuition aid and they still have $100,000 to allocate by the end of May. It’s not too late!!! The application process takes minutes and if you’re a middle income family don’t wait! Questions, contact Preschool Director Kristen Thomas at

Pandemic Parenting - 3 Impactful Resources (see below)

Dr Nolan Mental Health COVID19

Try a "Thank You" prayer

This rhyme is a prayer with fun actions children can do anywhere - on a walk, in your backyard or just looking out the window together.

God made the sun (action: form a circle with arms above the head)

And God made the trees. (action: form branches of a tree with arms spread out above your head)

God made the flowers, (action: cup one hand for the flower and forearm as stem. Place other hand under elbow as foundation of the flower)

And God made the bees. (action: thumb and pointer finger together, dart about with buzzing sound)

Thank you, God, for the sun, (action: same as sun above)

And the trees, (action: same as trees above)

For the beautiful flowers, (action: same as flowers above)

And the buzzing bees. (action: same as bees above)

For the sounds I hear, (action: cup hand behind ear)

And the sights I see, (action: hands above eyes as though trying to see far away)

But most of all, thank you for me! (action: point to self—give self a hug)

from: "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep," by Debbie Trafton O'Neal

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