Meilleurs Voeux!!

Happy Holidays from French 2 class!

It's winter break time!

Just a reminder - today, December 23, is the last day during winter break that I will be readily available to answer questions about the class. I will be visiting with family during the rest of the holiday break. So far, I've had assignments submitted from 5 students during the break. Are you working on missing assignments? :)

What's due when?

All assignments are available for students to complete - from Units 6-10. All assignments are due by January 3. The FINAL EXAM will be available January 4, and it is due by Friday, January 8. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please enjoy your holiday, but remember what is past due (all assignments were due December 18). I am giving you the holiday break to catch up on work. Any assignments not submitted by January 3 will have the zeroes put in place.

Just one more reminder...

If you try to text/call/message me after today (December 23), I will not be readily available so I may not respond immediately. I will respond as soon as I can.

I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season!! Meilleurs voeux!!

Mme Gaitskill

From my family to yours (and Baby Sarah who is now 10 :), I hope you have a wonderful holiday break! Enjoy your time off, have a great time with your family and friends. Go see a movie (we saw Star Wars Monday!) But also remember what's due before January 4! :)