Condoleezza Rice

Women Secretary Of State

Personal Information

Condoleezza Rice Was Born On November 14, 1954 In Birmingham, Alabama. She Graduated From The University Of Denver With Her Bachelors Of Arts In Political Science In 1974. She Also Graduated From The University Of Notre Dame With a Masters In political Science In 1975. She Also Graduated With Her Doctorate From The Graduate School Of International Studies At The University Of Denver In 1981. Rice Took A Job At Standford University As A Professor In Political Science. In 2001, She Was Appointed National Security Advisor By President George W. Bush, And Succeeded As Secretary of State in 2005.


As Secretary Of State, Rice Supported The Expansion Of Democratic And Championed The The "Transformational Diplomacy" Which Sought To Redistribute U.S. Diplomats To Areas Of Severe Social And Political Trouble, Addressed Such Political Issues, Disease, Drug Smuggling And Human Trafficking, Re-emphasize Aid Through The Creation Of The Position Of Director Of Foreign Assistance. Rice Also Helped Negotiate Several Agreements Such As The Opening Of Gaza In 2005,  The Ceasefire Between Israel And Hezbollah Forces In Lebanon . Rice Organized The Annapolis Conference In 2007 Which Was To Find A Multiple State State Solution To TheIsraeli-Palestinian Problem.

Famous Quotes

"The Essence Of America-That Which Really Units Us- Is Not Ethnicity Or Nationality Or Religion- It Is An Idea It Is: That You Can Come From Humble Circumstances And Do Great Things."    -Condoleezza Rice

By: Andreonna L.,Jennifer M., Jadah W