2nd Hand News

April Showers

2nd grade is ready for spring and underway in the spring term! Winter has wrapped up and 2nd graders graphed it in a huge graph that required patience, attention to detail, and a little creativity by choosing colors for temperature gradients. Next up in math: fractions as the basis of time, measurement, and capacity. Super spellers and readers have been focusing on the vowel diphthongs of ai/ay and ee/ea/ey, with ONLY 11 more diphthongs to go! Letter writing keeps students busy in response to all of the school performances this spring. Extending their thoughts and using descriptive adjectives is helping to develop their writing while complimenting friends at the same time. Graduating Big Friends will be surprised with appreciative original writing from their Little Friends. Last but not least, the Bookworm Project is resulting in some interesting "movie trailers" that identify and describe literary elements of self-chosen books.


  • LS Parenting Night 4/19. Please refer to the flier that was sent home and RSVP by tomorrow, 4/13.
  • 4/14 Free Children's Concert. 2pm, BFS auditorium, ages 2-8. "Princess Backpack and Benjamin" by a BFS alum!
  • 4/21 Spring Frolic. 9-3, help beautify the BFS campus.
  • 4/26 One Book, One Community. 6-8 pm. An evening to share thoughts about This is the Rope: A Story From the Great Migration, that children received from BFS for this community event.

Enjoy the pictures of everyone's favorite 2nd graders!

In partnership,

Mrs. Nyce