Come to New Hampshire



  • (1629) John Mason received land grant and named the new settlement New Hampshire.
  • (1645) First recorded slave in Portsmouth.
  • (1691) New Hampshire permanently separated from Massachusetts, becoming the Royal Province (colony) of New Hampshire.
  • (1717) John Wentworth became New Hampshire's lieutenant governor.
  • (1765) King George III's Stamp Act went into effect.
  • (1774) New Hampshire first state to declare independence from England; Powder raid occurred
  • (1778) New Hampshire first state to hold constitutional convention
  • (1783) New Hampshire first state to require constitution be referred to people for approval
  • (1788) U. S. Constitution ratified; New Hampshire became 9th U. S. state


New Hampshire has very many ways to make money easily. One of which is furs. In New Hampshire there a a lot of mammals because New Hampshire is in Northern New England, which makes it a bit colder, so animals with fur could survive here easier than most places. New Hampshire also has a lot of lakes and has a little bit of the ocean. With all the lakes and part of the ocean in it making it a fishing colony. To fish you need boats and a lot of wood to make it, and that is what New Hampshire has. Even though New Hampshire is in Northern New England, they still farm for food, but it is not their main source of food. There is a lot of trading with the native Americans and others within the New Hampshire colony.


The new Hampshire colony has a lot of beautiful and vast geography like the Connecticut river. Part of the colony is bordering the Atlantic Ocean and they have rocky shore lines so you would not get invaded by pirates or any other people to try to take over New Hampshire. In New Hampshire there are many lakes for food, entertainment, and realization.

Reason Founded and Named

The reason it was named was that there is a country in Europe called Hampshire, so they named the new colony New Hampshire. The reason it got founded is that there were a lot of fishers and traders in the area making a lot of money. More people came and eventually it became a colony because of the profit from trading and fishing. The main two people who formed the colony were Ferdindo Georges and John Mason.