Go Big. Win Big.

"Stretch" Contest 2013

That "other" end-of-year contest - Mariners, Q4, 2013

Top 2 in AP
1st Place = $10,000

2nd Place = $5,000

What do we need to do?

$619,000 for the entire Q4, 2013

Where are we now?

About $88,000

What is left?

$66,375/week for the quarter...out of our mind? Maybe. Possible? You bet.

Fine Print

- No-pay must be under 13% by end-of-week 52

- Mariners must hit quarterly "FAME" in order for contest to be payable.

- Assuming Aflac headquarters awards annual "kicker" to the Mariners (according to what they have in writing, this math will get the Mariners there)