Ira Lorenzo Hartwell

By Ben Arnett

My Great-grandpa

My Great-grandpa Ira was born in 1903. That was the same year Franklin Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt were engaged. This was also the same year the first plane was flown. He lived in Fort Wayne Indiana. In 1918 Ira ran away from home. World War I ended during this time. The first concrete ship sailed across the Atlantic this year. He became a painter and farmer in Manchester, Vermont. He had three sons, Ed, Ira, and John. All of his sons fought in Vietnam.

Life in the 1900s

Shortly after WWI urban culture became a symbol of the decade. By 1920 50% of people were living in urban areas. During this time the jobs began to change. There was less farming and mining and more jobs like law enforcement, private businesses, and public service. Cars also helped urbanize the United States as well. People were traveling further and more frequent. This helped build a host of industries. This includes hotels, gas stations, and automobile repair. Urbanization helped shape what America is today.
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City from the 1920s

Life in the early 1990s

Life in the early 1990s was a relatively optimistic and prosperous time. In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell. The Soviet Union was officially dissolved in 1991. This was the year my Great-grandpa had died. He lived to be 88 years old. During this time americans felt safe. They no longer were threatened by the Soviet Union. In this era the U.S. government had its first budget surpluses in decades. This was another reason for americans to be optimistic. There was also a lot of technology changes during this time. Personal computers and the internet revolution made people feel as if life was progressing. I must assume that my Great-grandpa felt happy when he passed.
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City from the 1990s