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Meet the Teacher is today, Thursday 9/2!

We are excited to see you today! In a google meet or at school! If you choose to come this evening between 4:30-6:00 pm, remember that masks are required for all. And we ask to keep visits in the building to 15 minutes for the safety of our community.

Chat on the playground with new and old friends! Stop by the PTO table outside Door 20 (Kindergarten doors) to get some Cheetah gear.

Welcome new to Chelsea staff!

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Last Thursday evening when a parent asked if Chelsea would receive a cut due to low enrollment, I said no. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The K-8 online has a much higher than anticipated enrollment and a growing waiting list. Therefore, schools across SPPS with lower enrollment were asked to allocate a teacher.

It is with a heavy heart that I share news that Ms. Bartol will teach 5th grade at the online school this year. Ms. Bartol has been part of the Chelsea community for 20 years. She is thoughtful, dedicated, smart and loving. She will be greatly missed! The silver lining is that because she will be teaching virtually, she will still work at Chelsea some days. Once a Cheetah, always a Cheetah!

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Specialists news...

Mr. B, physical education

Ms. Dani, art

Ms. Masrud, music

Mr. A, science

Science Fair and Field day will be back this year! They are scheduled in May and we will need community volunteers to make both of these incredible events happen. Sharing now while also knowing that plans this year may change.

We are planning how to have smaller and safe music concerts. And an art show for 5th graders is in the works too. Stay tuned!

State Fair traffic and parking

Traffic around the school this week has been extra busy and parking is limited. If you can walk or bike to the Meet the Teacher event, I encourage you to do so. If you are driving, be aware that there is only parking on one side of Huron.

Google Meet codes


  • chebarnick
  • chebrown
  • chehitchens

1st grade

  • cheyang
  • cheknezovich
  • chekraus

2nd grade

  • checannon
  • cheerickson

3rd grade

  • chepaz
  • cheotto


  • chebernard

4th grade

  • chearndt


  • chebangert

5th grade

  • cheflaten
  • chematuzak


music: mmusic

art: dart

science: ascience

PE: bpe