Jack Anderson Elementary

May 9-13, 2022

Happy Mother's Day!

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Jack Anderson Elementary Field Day: May 13th

Field Day Info from Coach Hellman and Coach Massey

We are looking forward to a fun & exciting 2022 Field Day! Here a few things we want you to know for a successful day:

1. Please make sure you apply sunscreen on your child BEFORE they get to school.

2. We will have several opportunities for students to buy snacks/treats throughout the day.

  • The school cafeteria staff will have extras to buy during lunch
  • Jags’ will be selling snacks/drinks (outside the cafeteria)
  • Blue Monkey Icee truck ($5). There will be a station in the schedule designated for every class.

3. Adult lunch options:
  • The school cafeteria will be serving lunch.
  • A couple of food trucks will be parked in the back of the school near the back playground. Both trucks will have several options!

4. We would love for you to join us at any time during the day!
  • DO NOT park in places that block the flow of traffic, especially on Shute Ln or in the Riverchase neighborhood. You will be towed!
  • For safety reasons, you MUST check in at the sign-in tables located in the front or back of the building for a visitor badge.

5. Students will be participating in 10 different stations with multiple activities at each location throughout the day from 9am-3pm. K-2nd will be in the front of the building and 3rd-5th stations will be in the back of the building.

A Strong Finish to a Great Year!

We are beginning the last month of school! We want to stress that high-quality teaching and student learning is still taking place, and all students are expected to follow classroom and school building rules. Typically during this time of the year, we have to remind students that although the weather is getting warmer, TCAP is complete, and fun “extra” activities are taking place at JAE, their behavior must be respectful, and they must make safe choices. If your child is not being safe or is disrespectful to peers, faculty, or staff, it may result in loss of participation in non-mandated end of the year activities. Please remind your child to make good choices and follow the school rules that have been in place all year.
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This Week's Related Arts Schedule

May 9-May 13

Monday: Day 7

Tuesday: Day 1

Wednesday: Day 2

Thursday: Zero Day

Friday: Zero Day

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Happy Mother’s Day!!! 🌷

We have a couple of spots still available if you want to help with our snow cone parties tomorrow! 🍧


Thank you to our JAE families, community, teachers, and staff for making this a record breaking year!!!

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Thursday, May 19th will be our last PTO Meeting of the year!!! Nominations for next year’s PTO Board are now open. All nominations must be submitted in writing to jackandersonpto@gmail.com by May 16th.
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A BUSY End of the Year

This is a list of some of the upcoming events over the next few weeks. Please check each week for updates and additions!
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Growth Happens at JAE!

Jack Anderson Dress Code Reminders

The following shall NOT be worn to school:

shorts that are shorter than three inches above the

knee, biker/spandex shorts, shorts with writing on

the back, cut off jeans that are frayed or with

pockets showing, clothing with holes,

saggy/sagging pants, leggings or leotards unless

with appropriate length skirt or dress, suggestive

slogans, pictures or ads of tobacco or alcoholic

products or drug paraphernalia, caps, hats,

scarves or bandanas, strapless dresses or

blouses, spaghetti strap dresses, bare midriff,

halters or tank tops, backless shoes (sandals with

a back strap are permitted), cleated shoes, shoes

with rollers, flip flops, clothing related to gangs,

extreme hair color or style that results in classroom

disruption. Jewelry may not be distracting or


Consequence: Change or be sent home. Multiple

instances will result in a disciplinary referral

Riding the Bus Home Today?

If your child is riding the bus (and normally goes home a different way) you must complete a bus pass. The bus pass must include the following:

  • Student Name
  • Grade Level
  • Teacher Name
  • Address of where they are riding home.

This process is to ensure that your student arrives home on the correct bus route.
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Please Have Your ID Available When You Pick Up Your Child Early

Please remember that per the Student Handbook, and SCS requirements, you must show your ID when picking up your student early. Many of you know our front office staff, but there may be a day that there is a sub in the office, or one of our part time front office members does not know you. Please be prepared to show your ID to pick up your student for an early dismissal.

Lunch Visitors are Welcome

We are excited to welcome lunch visitors into the building. If you plan to visit your child for lunch, it is important that you read through the information below. Visits are a highlight for students, however, be reminded that safety and learning are our top priorities. Please come prepared with your driver's license/ID.

Sign in at the office with your name and who you are visiting.

Sign in at the office with LobbyGuard when you get to the front office.

No outside food or drinks from restaurants may be brought to students for lunch.

Each student may only have visitors one time per week.

Say your goodbyes in the cafeteria lobby. Families are not permitted to walk back to class with students.

Please see our student handbook for more information.


Lunch Visitors Visitors are special guests, and we welcome you to eat lunch with your child. We ask that parents encourage good behavior and manners. Please follow these guidelines when visiting the cafeteria with a student:

Sign in at the front office. You will need your license to print a sticker/badge with LobbyGuard.

• Only family members will be allowed to eat with a student. There are special tables designated for students with visitors. Students are not allowed to ask friends to join family visitors at family tables.

• We ask that only 2 guests visit in order to save space for other students’ visitors.

• Federal guidelines prohibit outside restaurant items or soft drinks from being brought into the cafeteria.

• All visitors should sign in at the front office where you will be given a visitor’s badge. • Students are allowed only 1 visit per week.

• Please refrain from taking pictures of students in the cafeteria. Confidentiality of students must be protected.


Need a Car Tag?

If you need an additional car tag for the car line, please email Stephanie Defazio:


JAE Attendance

Our amazing attendance clerk, Stephanie Defazio, has been sending information to families reminding them to send in parent notes or doctors' notes. She does a great job keeping parents informed with reminders when students are absent without excuse notes.

Please send in a handwritten note, a doctors' note, or email your child's teacher and stephanie.defazio@sumnerschools.org to excuse your child's absences.

We will no longer be using the student absence form on the app to excuse absences.

Twitter @JAE_STEM

Instagram @JAEstem

Please See the JAE Student Handbook Below

You will be able to find out TONS of information linked in the button below. Copies of handbooks will be shared with families during Open House.