A trip to Dubai

On a $1500 budget

The city of Dubai

Dubai was founded on June 9, 1833 but wasn't as big as it is today. It was more of a village than a city, but it started to grow in 1966 because of the discovery of oil. The city has a population of around 2.1 million people. Last year the gross domestic production value was $82.87 billion and is looking to be even higher this year. The currency in dubai is $0.27 to 1 USD. I would have 5509.72 dirham (currency in the UAE) to spend in the metropolis. Fun Fact: the cheapest flight round trip would have costed $1876.

The Holiday Inn, Dubai

The hotel I would be staying at is the Holiday Inn. This hotel costs $81 a night so I would be down $486, that would leave me with $1014 left. The hotel has 4 star rating and is the cheapest hotel you can get in Dubai.

Holiday Inn, Dubai

Some cool things to do on a budget in Dubai

Eating Out

Breakfast ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Malsala bay: $8.00 for a plate and a $1.20 tip

Cle Dubai: $10.00 for a meal plus $1.50 tip

Solo Dubai: $7.00 for food with a $1.05 tip

Mint Leaf of London: $12.00 to eat and a large $1.80 tip

Anise: $10.00 a plate plus a $1.50 tip

Aroos Damascus: $9.00 for breakfast, and $1.35 tip

Total ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - $64.40

Eating Out

Lunch ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Operation Falafel: $3.00 per falafel, and a hefty $0.45 tip

Perry and Blackwelders original Smokehouse: $12.00 for food with a $1.80 tip

Dhow and Archor: $11.00 for grub plus $1.65 tip

Chef Express: $14.00 for a plate and a $2.10 tip

Boulevard Kitchen: $15.00 for the cuisine and a $2.25 tip

Barbecue Delights: $20.00 for lunch and a $3.00 tip

Total ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - $86.25

Eating Out

Dinner ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Scott's American Grill: $14.00 for food with a $2.10 tip

Izakaya: $15.00 for dinner and a $2.25 tip

Rhodes Twenty 10: $20.00 for a plate plus a $3.00 tip

Bianca Mozzarella & CO: $15.00 for grub and a $2.25 tip

Solo Dubai: $19.00 to eat plus a $2.85 tip

Al Samar Lounge: $15.00 to LOUNGE AROUND and a $2.25 tip

Total ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - $112.70

Total Spent on eating


I now have $750.65 left now

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Left over money

$39.79, $35.00 will go to taxi's I took. Now I have $4.79 left over, at least I thought I did. I must have lost it in the airport.

Why did I pick Dubai

I picked Dubai because they have expanded so much in the past 20 years. Its like a miracle that they became one of the richest cities in the world. That and its a pretty cool city in the middle of the desert.