Artist and sculpture

Background facts

Born in Caprese, Italy 1475. His mother died at a young age and raised by an angry father. At age 7 he went to school and learned how to read and write and persuaded his enthusiasm for drawling.


Michelangelo painted the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. He sculpted David and carved Madonna of the stairs.

Impact on Today

Influenced the world in several ways: For one, his paintings and sculptures were years ahead. He also taught the world to appreciate each other.

Interesting Facts

His years with the Medici family, in 1489 to 1492 permitted him access to the social elite of Florence allowing him to study under the the respected sculpture Bertoldo di Giovanni and expected him to prominent poets, scholars, and learned humanists. He obtained permission from the catholic church to study cadavers for insight into anatomy thought expostulate corpses had an adverse effect on his health.


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