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KELLOGG FAMILY NEWS | December 20, 2021

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It's not too late to drop off a snack for staff appreciation! Just swing by the Kellogg office with your contribution and we will get it to the lounge ASAP! Thanks to all that have donated already & to PTSA for getting us organized!


We have been busy gathering all sorts of fun prizes for students from business donations and PTSA for this week's Winter Extravaganza! This week, in order to promote students continuing to meet school expectations, we are going to flood pockets, binders and backpacks with Cool Comets that can be used for very special drawings on Wednesday! Everything from gift cards to Roca, Bowlocity and Air Insanity passes will be given away on Wednesday! Please encourage your Comet to help us hold the bar high on behaviors even in this exciting time of year! :)

We will also conclude Penny Wars (see details below) and the Zero-Tardy Incentive (Timberwolves ticket certificate) at the end of the day Tuesday!

Shout out to the positive student recognition for all their work on the Winter Extravaganza!


Just a reminder, we have at-home COVID test kits that you are welcome to pick up in the Health Office. These are a little slow since the samples have to be mailed in, but it's an option if you aren't in a hurry!


Wifi got you down? Check out this great program through the Rochester Public Library!

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  • B Day
  • Spiritwear Day
  • Penny Wars continue
  • A Day
  • Ugly Sweater Day
  • Penny Wars ends
  • Zero-Tardy incentive ends


  • B Day
  • PJ Day
  • Winter Extravaganza (explained above)
  • Penny Wars winners announced
  • Zero-Tardy rewards given out


  • Winter Break begins (school resumes January 4, 2022)

More Comets in the Spotlight!

Shout out to these Kellogg 6th grade girls who brought home the gold at the Big 9 basketball tournament about a week and a half ago! They won a hard fought game over Mayo to bring home the title! Go Panthers!

Mandy's journey continues! She just finished her ITTF World Hope Week & Challenge from 12/8-12/14 in Jordan. The goal of World Hope is to select 10 talented and potential players. During the Hope week, 18 girls selected from all over the world practiced together in the first 4 days. In the last two days, they played matches with each other . The tournament is very challenging and intense. After 15 giant round robin and knock out matches , Mandy achieved the 1st place in Americas Continent , and 6th place in the world!

Middle School TECH Opportunities

District-wide programming competition. There are lots of prizes to win, even if they just finish one puzzle! Here is the info: (For 8th graders, this is also a great chance to check out the CS classes available in high school before registration!

Want to get paid to play a video game? If so, you might be a great candidate for our research study!

This research study aims to better understand how middle school youth solve problems within a puzzle-based video game. Ultimately, we hope that we can use the knowledge we gain to develop and provide practical resources for parents, teachers, and community programs to support productive problem solving and build youth problem solving skills.

In this study, we will ask your child to play the video game three times over the course of a few weeks.They are free to play whenever convenient and for about an hour each week (if they enjoy the game). As your child plays, each action they take in the game, such as clicking left or right to move the game character, will be saved in a “log file” and shared with our research team. We will use these log files to understand how people solve problems in games. Eligibility Criteria:

  • Child aged 10-14 years old
  • Access to a windows computer capable of running routine applications like Zoom and Steam for data collection
  • Your child is fluent or could respond to open-ended questions in English

Participants will get to keep the game, which is highly acclaimed and valued at $15, AND receive a $20 Amazon gift card for completing the short survey at the end of the study.

If you are interested in participating or would like to learn more, please follow this link:

6th and 7th grade students only: Jeffrey Bye (UMN) and Patricia Cheng (UCLA) are currently researching the topic of how students think and learn about mathematical symbols like variables. We’ve designed some new materials that we hope will help students better understand the purpose and interpretation of symbols in math. These materials have already been tested in person at a few schools and after-school programs in California and had promising results. We are now looking for more students to complete this study online, in order to further test the efficacy of these materials.

For this research, we are looking to test the materials with students who are in 6th or 7th grade. The experiment will be conducted entirely online over 3 sessions, approximately one hour each, all outside of class/school. We will also compensate students with $15 of Target online gift cards for participating in all three sessions.

If students/parents are interested in participating, then they can contact Jeffrey Bye ( and we will schedule them (or answer any questions they have!). Importantly, this study is entirely voluntary and a student may only participate if their parent provides us with permission via email and the student assents to the study via an online form before the study begins. Students have the right to drop out at any time.

More info can be found here.

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Getting groceries? Think of us!

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Important Information


  • 328-5810


  • 8:05 Doors open & breakfast begins
  • 8:20 Classes begin
  • 3:00 Dismissal
  • 8:00-4:00.


  • Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm
  • (800)789-0051



Angi McAndrews, Principal


Mike Widman, Assistant Principal


Teri Linander, Assistant Principal



Barb Erickson, Health Office Nurse


Office Staff

Kris Hames, Office Manager


Erin Kroc, Registrar & Attendance


Abigail Haglund, Receptionist (morning)


Amy Clark, Receptionist (afternoon)


Support Services

Dan VanWinkle, 6th Grade School Counselor


Trish Fierst, 7th Grade School Counselor


Amy Carstensen, 8th Grade School Counselor


Missy Clark, School Social Worker


Leah Mattern, School Social Worker


For assistance in (your language), please call 328-XXXX

Para asistencia en español, por favor marque al 328-4241.

Za pomoc na bosanskom jeziku pozovite 328-4243

"إذا رغبت في الحصول على هذه المعلومات باللغة العربية يرجي الإتصال بقسم الترجمة علي الرقم 4246-328"

Haddii aad jeclaan lahayd in aad hesho macluumaadkaan oo ku qoran Soomaali, fadlan la soo xiriir waaxda EL(bartaha ingariiska) 328 4247.

“如果需要中文援助请拨打电话 :507-328-4238 (办公室) 或者 507-398-9448 (手机)

“ Để được giúp đở bằng Tiếng Việt xin Gọi đến số 271-8366