President Andrew Jackson

The Zero in the 1820's

Indian Removal Act/Trail of Tears

Congress passes a Bill stating that the US Government to "exchange" land with the Indians. This creates a domino effect. After the Supreme Court case of Worcester vs. Georgia, the Native Americans were pushed and forced off their lands to Oklahoma. Hundreds of Native Americans died due to disease, heat, and cold. This was known as the Trail of Tears.

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Worcester vs. Georgia

In 1832, the Supreme Court ruled that the Cherokee Nation was a sovereign nation and Georgia can not interfere with the Cherokee. Andrew Jackson just ignored the whole ruling and proceeded with his plans with the Indian Removal Act. The Cherokee were mad at this. Georgians continued to push the Natives off their land with the blessing of the US Government.

Nullification Crisis

The Tariff of "Abomination" (1828) was a tax on the manufactured imports. This enriched the North, but destroyed the South. The South did not manufacture products, they usually grow agricultural goods. South Carolina threatened to nullify this tariff. Congress and Jackson then pass the Force Bill, which allowed the US Army to make South Carolina pay up. South Carolina then countered this opposition and threatened to secede from the Union. A compromise was made and the tariff was lowered.

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Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon

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This well-known political cartoon depicts Andrew Jackson as a king. The reason is because Andrew Jackson abuses his power as a president, using the Veto and disregards the Constitution.

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