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Oct 8-12, 2018

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from J-

We will make this update short and sweet. Just a few things-

First - Happy Principals Month. Yes, you deserve a whole month. The second greatest impact upon a student's school experience following the impact of a teacher is the influence that the principal has upon the learning culture of the school. Your value is tremendous; know your impact. Thank you for all you do.

The Kindergarten Readiness Survey window survey opened on 10/1 and is due 10/10. Each of your Kindergarten teachers received an email containing the names of five students (random) to share about their readiness for school. I know surveys abound, this is an important one around our early childhood efforts. Please follow up with your K teachers to ensure they complete this. Thank you.

Finally, Mike and I are looking forward to learning with you this Wednesday. Please come prepared with your scorecards and slides completed around academics, as we will continue to dig in.

Make it a great week!


Join the #iTeachMO conversation in October. October’s chat is Make an Impact: Create Community Connections. This chat is aligned to indicators 5.3 and 9.3. The power of the chat comes from a variety of educators learning together. Please encourage participation as you seem fit! Tuesday, October 9, 8CT by following #iTeachMO on Twitter.
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Trauma: How Parents & Schools Work to Stop the Cycle

built from the idea that each student is an individual and that every interaction is significant.

Activate SPS November Registration

Registration for ActivateSPS - November is now open! In order to successfully plan for the event, we need your registration no later than October 19th. Educators not registered by the deadline will be assigned sessions prior to the event. For a list of session descriptions and other general info, please click here.

Should you have any questions, please direct them to Dr. Allison Pilley, Director of Learning Support.

Digital Text is Changing How Kids Read

because of the time spent with digital tech, kids are reading more now, in literal words, than ever. Yet the relationship between reading and digital tech is complicated.

Happy Principals Month!

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