Say a More Meaningful Shema Now!

This will help you learn how to say Shema Properly!


When you go to bed most people just say Shema and go to bed but what people don't know is, is that there's 3 whole Prakim you have to say. Also there is a proper way of going to sleep, and in this flyer you will learn the correct way of saying Shema and the correct way of going to sleep.

Saying Shema:

Intro to "Saying Shema:"

Everyone knows that it's important to say Shema at night, but what what are the main parts that you should say? When you're done reading this you will for sure know the correct way of saying Shema.

The two main components of Shema and parts of Shema you should say:

The two main components of Shema are the first paragraph of Shema and Hamapil. If you aren't so familiar with Shema then this is what you should say. If you already past knowing this part (Shema), then keep reading. When you are fully familiar with these parts you should say the first paragraph and it would also be nice to say Vayomer and Vehaya, but you don't have to. You should also say Hamapil, Rebonoe Shell Olam (about forgiving), and Hashkiveynu.


After saying Hamapil it is prohibited to eat, drink, talk, sing, play, get out of bed, etc.

Our Kavana:

The Kavana that we have when we are saying these prakim give us strength for the next day.

How We Should Sleep:

Intro to "How We Should Sleep:"

We all sleep differently whether you sing in your sleep, talk in your sleep, roll around in your sleep, etc., did you know that there is a correct way of sleeping?! I know it sounds crazy but in this next fascinating Halacha you will learn the correct way of sleeping.

Correct clothing for bed:

You should sleep in your pajamas, not your clothes from that day.¡Warning!: Do Not Use Your Clothes As a Pillow Because It Makes You Forget What You've Learnt!

Correct Way Of Falling Asleep:

Before we will explain this next section, you should train yourself to sleep on your side......Here I'll give you some more time.......

Ok if you were wondering...NO!!! We are not playing Jeopardy right now, that was just for fun and now that you had some time to practice sleeping on one side, let me tell you how to sleep.

The best way of sleeping is to sleep on your left side first and then after some time switch to your right side. There is a reason why you should do this, and I will tell you the reason right now. Before you went to bed chances are you didn't eat supper so long ago, so you lie down on your left side first because your left side is where your liver and stomach are, and when you lean on your left the liver rests on the stomach, warms it up, and helps your body digest. Then when you lay back down on your right, the food has digested and you should lay on your right so that your stomach can detox.

Sleeping Alone In A Room:

You should not sleep alone in a room at night. However, if there are other people in the same house sleeping in other rooms, you should leave the room door open at night (unless a man is sleeping alone with you in the room and the only other person in the house is a women in which case it is forbidden to leave the door open because of Yichud. Yichud is the law that a man and a woman may not be in a room together alone because if something bad happens to the woman then how much more so could this happen to the women of Bnei Yisrael.) Some people say that it is enough to have the door closed and unlocked.