Seymour Snapshots

Picture Yourself Growing in First Grade

Celebrating Authors - a Special Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

This week, 1S enjoyed and admired all of our hard work with an very special author celebration! We have finished our Unit on writing non-fiction chapter books. We worked extremely hard over the past few weeks. We learned how to choose a topic, plan across our fingers, and write our stories. We worked on spelling challenging words, editing on the go, and reading our writing. We learned how to include introductions and conclusions using our own voice to entertain our readers.

After hard work preparing for our author celebration, the day finally came! 1S held a SPECIAL ribbon cutting ceremony to introduce our published work to the world! We even had an EXTRA special guest as our ribbon cutter, Mrs. Schultz! She talked to the class about how proud she was of their work, and she celebrated with us!

It was a wonderful day, and every student in 1S was smiling and beaming with pride!

Up next in writing... Writing Book Reviews! Stay tuned!

Reading with Dr. Seuss

We have an exciting week of READING here in First Grade. Read Across America week was a huge success! Ahem...after another snow day...we kicked off our Dr. Seuss celebration with a school wide reading session! Every student, every teacher, every adult at Tatem School stopped what they were doing to enjoy a book. What a sight to see all members of our community lining the halls of the school silently reading!

First Graders were very excited to visit every First Grade class at Tatem to hear a different Dr. Seuss story! Read Across First Grade was a HUGE success. Mrs. Mercadante, Mrs. Schaffer, and I loved getting to see all the first graders smiling and having fun! We even made a book! Every student created a page to help us remember this special day!

Some of our favorite Dr. Seuss books this week were: I Can Read With My Eyes Shut, Fox in Socks, and One Fish Two Fish!

Everyday Math

In math, we are working on building our fact power. We are working on mastering our +0, +1, sums of 10, and doubles facts. This week, we worked on using facts we already know to help us solve facts we don't know. (3+3=6 so 3+4=7 because it is one more) We call these doubles +1 or doubles +2 facts. Please continue working with your child on mastering math facts!

We are also hard at work at solving various number stories. To solve number stories, we first read and think about the problem. We circle any key vocabulary words and we underline the question! This helps us get started! We have been working on many different kinds of problems (part-part-total, change to more, change to less, and difference problems). You can practice number stories anywhere! Give your child a number story to solve from things you see on a car ride. Have your child challenge you and tell you a number story. I bet they would love to try and stump you!

Weather Forecast

In Science, we are studying weather. After studying and reading about the features of weather, we started to think about how weather affects our lives. We learned that weather affects the decisions people make about clothing they will wear and their outdoor activities. This week, we conducted an experiment to find out the best type of fabric to wear in rainy weather. Students tested 4 different fabrics. After the experiment, they used their observations to draw conclusions about which fabric would keep them driest on a rainy day!

Adventure Aquarium Field Trip

Tuesday, April 1st, 9am

1 Riverside Dr

Camden, NJ

On April 1st, we will be visiting the Adventure Aquarium! The price for the trip is $14. The money is due Monday, March 10th!

Thank you to those that have volunteered as chaperones. If you would still like to chaperone, please let me know.

Reminders and Dates

* 1S will visit the Book Fair on Monday! If you would like your child to purchase books, please send in money in an envelope with your child's name.

* An order form came home for yearbooks. If you would like to order a yearbook, please return your order form in your child's folder.

* New techzel order forms for March! Thank you for supporting technology at Tatem!

* Wednesday 6:30-8:00 is Book Fair Family Night!

* First Grade Teachers will be holding Spring conferences at the end of this marking period. You will receive an online sign up in the coming days. Look forward to seeing all of you.