MINI personal project

Criteria C - Creating the Solution - Sreypich Heng

Plan, Time and Resources

Time: Approximately 2-3 hours


  1. Laptop -
  2. Design Book
  3. Quick player for screen filming
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Interior Design: Part 1

Interior Design: Part 1

Interior Design: Part 2

Interior Design: Part 2

Interior Design: Part 3

Interior Design: Part 3.1

Design Part 3 1

View from Front Door

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View from In Front of Window

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View from Corner of Gallery Wall

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View from the back end of room

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Changes between the original design and the created design


  1. Desk: I changed the the desk, where I was originally was going to put at the corner of the window, to a simple glass top desk because it didn't take up as much space as it did. In order to make the room look really spacious, the best option was to have a small and simple desk, instead of a large corner desk.
  2. Chair: I also added another funky and really unique chair to the room. I decided to add this shape of a chair to the room, instead of a typical classy and simple chair was because the chair made the room feel real, it didn't make the room feel really fake and just created online. It gave the room more life and a unique vibe to it.
  3. Bookshelves: I decided not to add the spiderweb bookshelf to my room because it would take up a lot of space and it will make the room look really crowded. To solve that problem, I found a really simple and tall bookshelf that I can replace and it would fit right next to the glass-topped desk. I also played around with the color of the bookshelf because I didn't want the bookshelves to be in either of the 4 essential colors, so I had the bookshelf in a wood color. I did this because it would make the room look more natural and much more appealing, rather than seeing just the same 4 colors everywhere.


  1. Gallery Wall: In my original design, the gallery wall had so many frames, posters and 1 round mirror in the middle. However, in my final design, I changed that. Instead of hanging up so many frames and posters, I chose just a couple and a mixture of different frames and posters, so it would look really cool together. The one thing I didn't change here was the round mirror. I kept that there so it could compliment the standing mirror next to the front door, making the room look a lot more spacious and also brighter because the light could reflect onto it.


  1. Originally I wanted to created my room in Illustrator, but after thinking about it for a couple of days and I tried using it for a couple of days, i found it really difficult to learn how to master in just a couple of weeks. So, I went searching for websites that I can use to create my room out of, that will still give me a chance for it to look really realistic and 3D. In the end, I chose to use ''. This website provides everything and the furniture in there are amazing and so different from others.