Ranks and Rates

By Matthew Nix

A paramedic is in command of an ambulance crew that help assist the public in accidents everyday. They are the senior healthcare professional on the site and take control of the rest of the team. In some cases they will go on there own to the accident if the team isn't always needed.

General infomation and responsiblities of a paramedic

They are trained to drive an ambulance, which can be considered as a mobile emergency clinic and to stabilise patients using techniques,equipment and medication to in some cases save lives and if deemed necessary take them back to the hospital for further treatment. The average pay is between £21,500 - £28,000 a year.

Moter cyclist paramedics

Some paramedics will use a motor bike to get the destination quicker and try to be there in the fastest time possible. In some cases they will communicate the other members of the ambulance service to come and assist them if there is more casualties than expected.