Plate Boundries

by, Maddie Scheerer

Convergent Plate Boundaries

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Divergent Plate Boundaries

Ocean Ridge Boundary

With a length of 60,000 km, The Ocean Ridge Boundary or, Mid-Ocean Ridge, is by far the longest mountain range in the world. The Mid-Ocean Ridge connects to all the oceans on the globe. It was created when two divergent plate boundaries separated.

Land Rift Valley

When two continental plates diverge a rift valley is formed. Long lakes, rivers, and streams are created when a rift formation begins. Eventually, the rift becomes so thin that one plate breaks off the other. The Arabia plate separating from the African plate is an example of this.
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Transform Boundaries

Transform boundaries are where two plates slide against each other. Linear valleys along the boundary where the rock has been ground up marks the transform boundaries. In other places Transform boundaries are also marked by streams and rivers. Transform boundaries are often the cause of large earthquakes.