Suicide Prevention

By Taylor Hanley

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How do I Know if Someone is Thinking About Suicide?

Verbal Warnings

  • "I want to die"
  • "I wish I was dead"
  • "What's the use?"
  • "Nothing matters. Who cares?"

Non-verbal Warinings

  • Giving away posessions or settling affairs
  • Withdrawl from family, friends, or social activities
  • Neglect or dramatic change in appearance
  • Violent actions
  • Drug and alcohol use

How do I Help?

Suicide IS Preventable

  • Most people considering suicide want to live, but they believe there is no other option
  • Show the person you care about them
  • Talk to them directly about the problem and show empathy
  • Make it clear you understand the,
  • Don't keep the meeting a secret

You can go to a...

  • A trusted adult like a parent or teacher
  • A doctor
  • A phycological professional
  • A hot line
  • A friend
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