Cell Phone History

By: Margot Reidel

Cell Phones In 2000

The company Sharp was the first to make a camera phone with the J-SH04, released in Japan. It consisted of a mere 0.1megapixel resolution.

Cell Phones In 2002

The Sanyo 5300 was the first camera phone from sprint that was sold in North America. RIM's blackberry 5810. Was the first device by blackberry to incorporate a mobile phone in their popular brand of data-only devices. Professionals who needed immediate access to their emails and schedules were the main target for RIM, but the built in phone made it appealing.

Cell Phones in 2004

The Motorola RAZR was the first marketed as a "fashion" phone in 2004, selling 50 million units by mid-2006.

Cell Phones in 2005

The Motorola ROKR E1 was the first phone to have a music option. It could only manage 100 songs at a time.

Cell Phones in 2007

Steve Jobs introduced the Apple iPhone a touch screen smartphone. It wasn't the first smartphone but it was the first to get the user interface right, eventually adapting 3G technology.

Cell Phones in 2008

The first smartphone to run google's Android OS was the HTC Dream slider smartphone. It featured a QWERTY keyboard, full HTML, web browser, gmail, youtube and more.

Cell phones in 2010

The HTC EVO 4G from sprint was the first phone to have 4G standards running on the wiMAX network. It was sold and powered by Android 2.1. It had one of the largest touch screen displays and an 8MP camera, HD video capture, HDMI output, Mobile Hotspot capability and HTC Sense.