ROE Kindergarten - Week August 26

A New Journey Begins!

Focus this week

ELAR - We will identify and use words that name locations, provide an oral, pictorial response to text, monitor comprehension/check for visual cues when understanding with adult assistance, interact with sources in meaningful ways such as illustrating

Math-This week we will work on knowing numbers from 1-5 in random order. Counting forward and backward to 5. We will also begin subitizing!

Science - We will discover the world around us by using different Science tools and our 5 senses. We will begin Science experiments and investigations this week.

Social Studies- This week we will work on identifying authority figures at school, in our community and in our homes.

Big picture

Birthdays at school

We love to honor your child on their special day! We know it means so much to them to share it with their friends. Here are some things you need to know before this day comes.

  1. Any food treats need to be "store bought". No homemade cupcakes/cookies.
  2. Our eating of these treats will not happen until the very end of the day. We try to have them close to 2:15PM. If you will please drop off any food items before noon. This way we have time to get them down to our room and know that we will be having additional food items for snack time.

Parent volunteers - click on picture above

WE NEED YOU! As our year continues, we will have several opportunities for you to volunteer and be involved in your child's life here at ROE. By setting up for volunteer application, you will be ready to go on field trips, help out during fundraisers, or even come up and help with daily activities that need to be done here at ROE. Please take time to fill out the application now...waiting until it is time for the field trip will a major rush! Be ahead of the game!

We have it now!!

We spent last week learning our classroom and our way around school. They are all ready to walk to class on their own. There are plenty of adults in the hall to help the kids if they need assistance. We also ask that you remind big brothers and sisters to let their siblings walk down the hall on their own. Thank you for your help as we build independence this year.

School newsletter

If you haven't already seen Mrs. Corns newsletter for the school, please check it out!