By: Abby Smith


The Atakpans got their food by farming. They produced things like Fruits, vegetables and grains.

Tribal Government

They worked together as a confetoracy.


Cattow named Texas .


They built there houses out of grass and sticks and used everything they could to build their houses.


The Atakapans made their clothing out of deer hide and feathers usually.

New Fact

This tribe also was in Louisiana meaning that the tribe wasn't just in Texas a little bit was in Louisiana.

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Atakapa’s Adapted to their environment fairly fast because they loved livings things and thought of them as a blessing. For example they farmed and ate fruits, vegetables, and grains. Also to build their housing they used anything they could for example; grass, sticks, dirt, rocks and other things like that. Also they made their clothing out of deer hide and bird feathers.

The Atakapa’s and the Puebloan’s are very different because the Puebloan’s lived in Apartment buildings and the Atakapa’s lived in grass houses. Also the Pueloan’s made their clothes out of cloth while the Atakapa’s made their clothes out of deer hide and bird feathers. But aside the differences the two tribes have some things in common like they both farmed and grew their food sources. Also they both had the same Tribal government.