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Consider All Of Your Needs

When it comes to you or a family member, it is never to early to begin looking at your options. We offer a range of options that best fit the family and the individual. Begin your process with us as we walk you through the smallest to biggest details.

  • Wake / Viewing
  • Casket Options
  • Burial
  • Rituals
  • Scripture Reading
  • Cremation
  • Donations
  • Financing

"Each year, Americans grapple with these and many other questions as they spend billions of dollars arranging more than 2 million funerals for family members and friends" (Federal Trade Commission 2012).

Consider The Family

We understand that the family needs to be considered when planning these services. We offer help with creating the obituary as well as configuring how the service will play out. We will also discuss what clothing the deceased with be dressed in and how they would like their family member to look at the funeral. Moreover, we are available 24/7 for questions and other considerations. We also have a wide range of businesses that we work with closely that offer bereavement to the families that we work with. For more information on grief, please visit:

Consider the Culture

We are understanding when it comes to religion, customs, and aspects that differ from family to family. We offer readings from all text including the Bible, Qu'ran, Hebrew Bible, and many other holy text. All of these services can be altered to perform certain rituals and must be discussed beforehand so that it can be exactly as you and the family hope. We also allow for outside members to come in and conduct the service at no extra cost.

Consider The Economy

"Today the average traditional funeral costs between $8,000 and $10,000, and about 42% of people are cremated" (Boring 2014). We understand that each family has a budget. We are able to work with you to stay within the budget as well as offer services that are free of charge. We will walk you through a budget plan and always make sure to keep you in mind. For a detailed look at funeral budgeting, please visit:

Consider Us

We are open to all questions and considerations as we know that we all have different outlooks on death and the afterlife. We would be pleased to work with you.

Consider Eternal Rest Funeral Home

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