Abby, the funloving player

at Austin Pets Alive!

My name is Abby and I have excellent training!

Ready to play? ‘Cause Abby sure is!

Abby's favorite activity is playing! She has a lot of energy and needs someone that will keep her active and play with her. But when she's not busy running around the yard, she loves to be petted and adored.

Abby has been an outdoor dog most of her life but with proper training she can learn how to behave indoors. She will also need to be housetrained. Luckily she already knows how to sit and stay: a sure sign of a quick learner who's eager to please!

Due to Abby's past with other animals she should probably be the only pet in the house. This shouldn't be a problem because Abby has more than enough energy and personality to make up for it. She is also afraid of fireworks and maybe other loud noises so she should probably live in a quieter home.

Abby is an affectionate, curious, and playful dog that needs someone to devote a lot of time to her and treat her like part of the family. Can Abby be a part of your family?

C'mon, let's go outside and play fetch!

I know how to sit and stay - and I am a quick learner!

Female, Spayed, Terrier, American Pit Bull Mix

Age: 6 years, 6 months

Adoption Donation:$50.00

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