Canvas/Skyward Grade Passback

FAQ's & Troubleshooting


  • Must have a UNIQUE name
  • Must have points (can be out of any amount of points - DOES NOT HAVE TO BE 100)
  • Assignment Group must be MAJ or DW
  • Make sure that the "include grade in SIS" button is checked (default is checked)
  • Assign to at least one section or everyone (if assigned to one person, not eligible for passback)
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Posting Window - When to Post & When NOT to Post

You can post grades from Canvas to Skyward as many times as you want within THE DISTRICT POSTING WINDOWS and AFTER verifying that the assignments have shown up in Skyward.

  • If you cannot enter grades in Skyward (closed for progress reports, etc.) then DO NOT SEND GRADES over until your Skyward gradebook has been re-opened to enter grades
  • You can continue to grade in Canvas, and when it opens, send the grades
  • You cannot send grades to a closed grading period - Example: After REPORT CARD period has closed.
  • Only send for an active report card period

Verify that the assignment names went to Skyward, before re-posting to same class. It can take 5 min to up to an hour, or more, depending on how Skyward and Canvas are running. If you click post over and over without making sure that the first post with new assignment names showed up, Skyward doesn't know that there is a duplicate name, so it goes through as many times as you clicked. You could end up with duplicates or more in the Skyward side. Post often to update your grade book, meaning make sure you are regularly updating your Skyward gradebook, this is where parents are looking for grades. Do not click post several times within a very small time frame if you have added NEW ASSIGNMENT NAMES. It will not make the names show up any faster.


  1. Post and verify before re-posting to the same section/sections that assignment names are there
  2. Post once a day (morning or afternoon)
  3. Post twice a day (morning and afternoon), but verify that the morning/afternoon new assignment names went through
  4. Verify.
  5. You can post more often, BUT VERIFY that the assignment names are there before you re-post.
  6. If you haven't added any new ASSIGNMENT NAMES, you can post more frequently.

*Skyward and Canvas have been made aware of this behavior and they have an internal ticket to do something to prevent this from happening.

Toggle the SIS Button On/Off for More Posting Control

  1. Click on ASSIGNMENTS from your COURSE NAVIGATION on the LEFT
  2. Sort by grading period and toggle on/off as needed
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What do grades look like in Skyward?

Using Varied Point Values

  • If an assignment or quiz is worth less than 100 points, when sent to Skyward it will convert it to weight on a 100 point scale
  • In the teacher gradebook it will up as a raw score, but it will calculate as if it was out of 100
  • The student side shows the percent value and calculates correctly
  • Example:
  • Teacher grades on a rubric worth 25 points and student earns 20/25
  • When the grade passes into Skyward, instead of passing a 20, an 80 goes into the gradebook (the raw value of 20 will still show up in teacher side, but it is calculating the score as an 80)

Marking Items Excused

  • If an item is marked as EX in Canvas, it shows up in Skyward as No Count (the star will still be in the Skyward Gradebook, but if you click on the assignment in Skyward, you will see the No Count box has been checked)

Official Averages

  • Official averages are in Skyward
  • The two gradebooks calculate differently- the averages will not match
  • You should have turned off grade totals in Canvas for students, but you will still see it as a teacher.
  • Students/teachers need to look at the final averages in Skyward
  • Exception: You are teaching DUAL CREDIT and your gradebook does not pass to Skyward, the average is correct based on your custom weights.

ALL Assignments, Quizzes, Discussions MUST Have a UNIQUE Name to Pass into Skyward

If you notice that something is not passing back into Skyward, please check to make sure the name is UNIQUE. Also, go into Skyward, click on Display Options--Restore Deleted Assignments. If you have deleted assignments in Skyward, they STILL EXIST and you cannot reuse those names. (See images below)

If you use Warm Up as an assignment name, it has to be unique every time. Example:

  • Warm-Up 1
  • Warm-Up 2
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Posting Grades - Post Often!

Please remember that parents do not have access to Canvas at this time.

  • Post grades from Canvas ONCE A DAY to update grades in Skyward
  • Parents will be looking at Skyward for current grades for their children

Toggle Passback to SIS Button

If you want to stop sending an update for a particular assignment, you can click on assignments from course navigation and click the SIS button to toggle on or off.

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540 - Canvas-Skyward Integration Overview

Still having problems?

Please contact your media specialist or submit a helpdesk ticket under--Canvas--Grade Passback Issues.


  • Link to course gradebook in Canvas
  • Details with exactly what is happening
  • For faster service, include screenshot and/or brief screencast showing issue in both Canvas and Skyward side
  • The more information you provide, the quicker the issue can be resolved

Follow Up:

  • You may be sent a request to do a Google Hangout so you can share your screen for further troubleshooting