Reading through the summer heat FUN

Links to Fun reading programs for prizes and other goodies

Get reading and grow over the summer!

I have attached to this flyer the TOP 10 reading programs you can complete with your students throughout the summer. Prizes range from free Chucky Cheese tokens, free movie tickets and books, and your favorite book totes! All of these you can also take AR tests on in the summer and get going on points for next years AR trophies!!!!

Links to each program seperatly

  1. Scholastic
  2. Barnes and Nobles
  3. Book Adventure
  4. Pizza Hut
  5. Chuck E. Cheese - this has TONS of incentive calendars to earn tokens
  6. Movies - $1.00 movies all summer long on certain days in Indio, Ranch Mirage, El Cajon, or San Diego. This doesn't need a reading log, but you can use your own incentive for a fun trip!
  7. TD Bank - Start a college fund!!!!
  8. Books a Million
  9. Metro Bank
  10. Half Price Books

All the books you read can be done on Renaissance Learning and if you need ebooks find them at Digital Content Portal (students know how to log in, if not please contact me and I will help)!

Questions? Contact me

I will be available for any questions regarding reading this summer!! Best way to reach me is through email!