Adventures Along The Iditarod

By: Alexa Courtalis & Kiefer Iacaruso Period: 1 & 5 2/4/16


  • Iditarod trail became a life-saving highway for the children in Nome
  • Transferred medicine to Nome by a string of mushers and their dogs
  • First person to complete race was Dick Wilmarth with a time of 20 days, 49 minutes, and 41 seconds
  • First women to win race was Libby Riddles in 1985 and won 3 more times
  • First international winner was Martin Buser with a time of 8 days, 22 hours, and 2 seconds in 1992 and won 3 more times
  • In the past dogs and their mushers carried mail and supplies
  • Dog sleds helped people get from place to place
  • CAPTION FOR PICTURE: Map of Alaska, and also the trail that the racers follow.

What Makes a Good Sled Dog

  • Lots of speed, endurance, and courage
  • willingness, the heart to complete the race with your best effort, and a desire to get thing done
  • One sign that shows a lead dog its as the dog ages they start to take charge and can enroll commands quickly

About The Race

  • Started in 1973
  • Races take place in freezing weather and snow
  • Held in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Ends in Nome, Alaska
  • 2 parts to the Iditarod
  • First part: Ceremonial race
  • Second part: longer competitive race
  • 1,100 miles long (the race)
  • 10 to 17 days to complete
  • CAPTION FOR PICTURE: The musher and their dogs are running the race with lots of speed, courage, and determination!

Before the Race

  • Trains the dogs by making them run 56km run
  • Good appetite, and good feet (musher & dog)
  • Being able to run far but also going very fast

Musher/ Sled Driver

  • Musher/ sled driver's family often have many dogs
  • Musher/ sled drivers commonly think of their dogs as 3 main things
  • 1. Athletes
  • 2. Family pets
  • 3. Friends


  • Equipment includes: snow parka, snowshoes, an ax, a sleeping bag, food, dog food, and booties for each dog
  • Booties protect the dogs feet from snow and ice injuries
  • Snub line: rope attached to the sled which is used to tie the sled to a tree or other objects
  • Stake: metal or wooden post driven into the ground to which a dog is tied
  • Tug line: line that connects dog's harness to the tow line
  • Mushers eat rice for energy and it is an emergency food that they go to


  • Dog in a basket: tired or injured dog carried in the sled
  • Haw: command for left turn
  • Gee: command for right turn
  • Come gee! Come haw!: commands for a 108 degree turn in either direction
  • Mush! Hike! All right! Let's go!: commands to start the team
  • Trail!: request for right-of-way on the trail
  • Whoa!: command used to halt the team, accompanied by the heavy pressure on the break

Interesting Facts

  • Most famous dog race in the world
  • Sometimes called "The Last Great Race on Earth"
  • Racers compete for $69,000 and a new truck
  • Iditarod is an Indian name meaning "Clear Water"
  • Longest dog sledding race in the world
  • At least 12-16 dogs must start the race
  • March 1 will be the next race
  • Also have a junior Iditarod
  • 5 dogs must finish the race (minimum)
  • Sleds are most likely very light
  • Sleds must be able to carry musher, all equipment, and sick or tired dogs
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In 2005, Thomas Knolmayer starts to run his race.

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