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About John Green

John Green is an award winning author to many famous books.

His book "The Fault in Our Stars" and "Paper Towns" have been recreated into amazing movies as well. Aside from being a novelist, Green is also well known for his YouTube ventures. In 2007, he launched the "VlogBrothers" channel with his brother, Hank Green. Since then, John and Hank have launched events such as "Project for Awesome" and "VidCon" and created a total of 11 online series, including Crash Course, an educational channel teaching literature, history, and science, later joined by courses in economics, US government, astronomy, politics, and philosophy.

Personal Information

Family Life...

John Green lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with his wife, Sarah Green, whom he married on May 21, 2006. She worked as the Curator of Contemporary Art at "Indianapolis Museum of Art" before leaving to start "The Art Assignment", a web series with PBS. In videos on the "VlogBrothers" channel, Sarah Green is referred to as "the Yeti" due to her not appearing visibly on camera. She made an appearance on YouTube in a Google Hangout video chat with President Obama, during which she and her husband asked the President whether they should name their unborn daughter Eleanor or Alice. They have two children, Henry and Alice, as well as a West Highland Terrier named "Willy".