Percy Sutton

By: Sarah Grace Kelley


He was born on November 24,1920 in San Antonio, Texas. He was the youngest out of 15 children. His mom's name was Lillian Sutton. His Dad's name was Samuel Johnson Sutton. He went to three different prestigious universities,Prairie View Agricultural and Mechanical College, the Tuskegee Institute and the Hampton Institute. But he didn't complete his college degree. He did a 5-k run in New York City for peace in our comunities. At the beginning of World War II he enlisted in the U.S. Army. He also worked as a subway conducter. He died on December 26,2009 in New York, New York.

How percy Sutton Contributed to the American Society

Entering politics in the early 1950s, Mr. Sutton rose from the Democratic clubhouses of Harlem to become the longest-serving Manhattan borough president, for more than a decade.He was the highest-ranking black elected official in New York City.Mr. Sutton was the first seriously regarded black candidate for mayor when he ran in 1977. But after he finished fifth in a seven-way Democratic primary, his supporters saw the loss as a stinging rebuke of his campaign’s strenuous efforts to build support among whites.

Lets review What we learned about Percy Sutton

The way he contributed to the American Society was by rising form Democratic clubhouses of Harlem to Manhattan borough president. He was the first serious black candidate in 1977. He did five democratic primaries. But then he lost most all of he supporters. By the end of his election he died at the year 2009. This is what I learned about Percy Sutton.