Peer Pressure with Teens Today

By: Kyle Dion

Feeling Pressured?

Peer Pressure is influence that a peer group, individual exerts that encourages others to change their attitudes or behaviors to conform the group activities. Peer Pressure comes in various forms. They could be simple such as making a friend ask your parents to do something or it could as serious as committing a crime. 5 types of peer pressure are 1. negative peer pressure 2. Positive peer pressure 3. Heavy Peer Pressure 4. Teasing 5. Indirect Peer Pressure

Use Peer Pressure for good

Just because you look at Peer Pressure like it's a bad doesn't mean you can use to influence someone to like volunteer, recycle or even to do a good deed. People can pressure you into avoid drugs, be honest, exercise together, not smoke etc.
Peer Pressure - Real Life Teens Series