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Seeing Lives Transformed

I (Kelly) would like to share a little bit about what I've been doing in my role as Director, Wycliffe Women of the Word. In this role, I've been writing a topical Bible study that we hope will inform, inspire and involve women in the US to become a voice -- an advocate -- for marginalized women, children and families around the world.

Through this Bible study, I've worked to inform people about the state of women, children and families, globally. You've no doubt read stories how women around the world are caught in cycles of hopelessness. Some face traumatic experiences like violence, discrimination, illiteracy, social and cultural oppression, disease, poverty and political conflict.

But did you know that learning to read and write in your own language not only opens doors for further education opportunities, but it can also change how you interact with the people around you and cope with your circumstances. Imagine the lives that are being transformed - and the cycles of hopelessness that are being broken - as people learn to read the Bible in their own language and engage with the truth of His Word.

Lives are being transformed. Generations are being impacted. For the glory of God!

I'm excited to introduce you to a new video created just for Wycliffe Women of the Word, entitled, Empowering Families for Lasting Change. Watch it below and pray with us for all God desires to do in and through Wycliffe Women of the Word for women, children, and families around the world! Pray too, for me (Kelly) and I seek to shed light on the plight of marginalized women and families and the transformation that is occurring as they engage with the translated Scriptures.

If you'd like to find out more about Wycliffe Women of the Word, feel free to contact me.

Empowering Families for Lasting Change

Jehovah Jireh

Jehovah Jireh -- God, the One who provides -- has been incredibly faithful to provide for our family! And you are one of His vessels of provision and faithfulness, and we are grateful! Many of you have been with us for the almost 14 years we've been in ministry with Wycliffe. Your partnership, prayer, support, and engagement with us is highly valued by our family.

We are currently needing to increase our monthly support to a level Wycliffe recommends. We are asking two things of you:

  1. Would you pray that God would provide us with the outstanding financial support we need to do what He's called and equipped us to?
  2. Your faithful support through prayer and gifts has sustained us well over the years. Would you prayerfully consider increasing your support? Or if you know of an individual or a church who would be interested in learning more about the ministry of Bible translation, please let us know.

Thank you again for your faithful partnership in this ministry!

Something Fun for the Whole Family!

One last thing. How well do you know the Bible's most familiar verses? Play Wycliffe's new Verse Scramble game and find out! Test yourself against the clock and against other players around the world, and have fun while showing your support for Bible translation.

A friend of Wycliffe will donate $1 each for the first 10,000 players. Seriously, it's that easy.

Hint: you may want to have the NLT version on hand. Don't have one? Go to and use their online version.

Play the Verse Scramble now.

To learn more and pray through specific requests about the Wycliffe Verse Scramble, click here.

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Let's Stay in Touch

Thank you for praying with and for us! We are privileged to join you in support and encouragement as you share prayer needs with us. Would you let us know how we can be praying for you?

Until all the nations worship,

John & Kelly

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Please include a note that your gift is for "John & Kelly Chesnut's ministry". Thank you!