by veronica roth

Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth was born on August 19, 1988. Sh has written two books Divergent and Insurgent. She has a third book called Allegiant coming out 10/22/13. Veronica Roth was born and raised in Barrington, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Her first book Divergent she wrote while she was supposed to be doing home work.
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Main Characters

Some of the main characters are Tris, Christina, Will, Al, and Four. All of them where transfers from another faction, but have all transfer to dauntless. Tris is the narrator of the book and is the only transfer from abnegation. Abnegation is the selfless ones they never thin of themselves. When kids turn sixteen they must take a aptitude test to see what faction best suits them. Tris go to take her aptitude test and it come out inconclusive. The test take then tells her to never tell anyone of this because it could be live threatening. Later in the book she finds out what all this means to be Divergent.

Plot Teaser

Through out the book Tris is struggling with the drastic faction change, but being Divergent has been the biggest the greatest problem she has faced

Short Passage

"The pane shatters, and the force of the water against my back throws me forward. There is air again.
I gasp and sit up in the chair. I gulp and shake out my hands. Fur stands to my right, but instead f helping me up, he just looks at me.
What? I ask.
How did you do that?
Do what?
Crack the glass.
I don't know. Four finally offers me his hand. I sing my leg over the side of the chair , and when i sand, i feel steady. Calm.
He sighs and grabs me by the elbow, half leading half dragging me out of the room....
What? I demand.
You're Divergent," he replies. (Pg 254-255)

This passage is very important, it shows that her secret was found out by Four. Four has been helping her from the beginning and later it says that i will erase all the video of the test but unless you want to die you must be careful.

Person who would like this book

This book is a very good read that pulls you into the story. Once you have started this book it is very hard to stop reading with all the action and suspense.

Good or Bad

I really enjoyed Divergent it is a great book with a great plot. There has been many times where i felt like i was watching a movie in my head because of all the great details. For example when Tris and Four are climbing the Ferris wheel and on their way down Tris slips and is holding on by her finger tips. There are many more examples of similar situations that Tris goes through.