CR West Week 6

To Know God and to Make Him Known

It's a Marathon, not a Sprint

Here we are sweet friends, one fourth of the way through our year together. By now you've probably realized that the journey we've embarked upon is a marathon, not a sprint. If you're like me, there are days when you feel supremely accomplished--the days when schooling is completed AND the house is semi-clean. And if you're like me, there are days when school is an epic fail and the house is still a mess. We all have many of both types of these days. My nugget of wisdom for this week is to remember to be faithful to what God is asking of you for any given day. It may be chores, it may be Essentials, or it may be play time. A marathon is finished by putting one foot in front of the other, faithfully, step by step. Each leg of the journey has its ups and downs, but when we're faithful God is fruitful!

Psalm 138:8 ~ The LORD will accomplish what concerns me; Your lovingkindness, O LORD, is everlasting; Do not forsake the works of Your hands.

Our Focus is Shifting

Our next quarter shifts focus in both fine arts and science. For fine arts we turn from drawing to tin whistle. The purpose of tin whistle is to expose your student(s) to the language (grammar) of music and develop a basic facility for recognizing music symbols, determining note values and names, and enjoying the experience of making music (page 155 of the FG).

For science we turn from scientific experiments that showcase the scientific method to scientific crafts and projects which exemplify the various science content presented in Cycle 2. During the third quarter we'll shift back again to the scientific method and experiments.

Looking Ahead

Family Presentation = Devotion/Rope Holder Check In

Playground Duty = Margaret & Volunteer Needed

Speech Topic = Geography--younger kids can show pictures of a geographical location we've studied. Older kids can share facts about a location, its people or its history

Worthy Website

Want to create custom handwriting practice for your children? Check out this site with options ranging from print to cursive to D'Nealian style.

Free Parenting Seminar

Please see details on the free parenting seminar offered by Wendy Gossett who spoke to our CC group last spring. Wendy has an engaging style and offers a wealth of knowledge. I highly recommend this workshop! Details were also sent to you via email and Facebook.

My name is Wendy Gossett and I am presenting Master Your Mischief Makers on Friday, October 28th from 6-8:30 and Saturday October 29th from 9-11:30 at Jubilee Fellowship Church. I have attended Jubilee for several years and used to be an active part of the music and drama department. I have a Master’s degree in education and have been a secondary education teacher as well as a corporate trainer. I have been working with families, schools, businesses and churches in the area of temperament for several years and continue to find it fascinating and rewarding! Since I am a member of JFC, I am even more excited to share this material with you! Many of you have probably already taken a variety of personality tests over the years. I have too. Although the idea of four temperaments has been around since it is first mentioned in the Old Testament, the science behind it continues to advance and become more and more accurate. Which one of God’s faces do you bear? Are you the Ox, the Lion, the Eagle or the Human? How about your spouse? Learning MUCH about your spouse is an additional benefit of this seminar! Chances are you have a child you are seeking to understand better because you could be wired completely differently than they are.