Fernan STEM Academy Weekly Update

Week of 2/21-2/25

Thank you for an amazing, fun-filled, successful Triple Play Fundraiser! We loved seeing your smiling families.

Upcoming Events

2/18-No School-Flex Day

2/21-President's Day-No School

2/22-Fernan's night at Caruso's

2/28-3/11-SMILE Raffle Fundraiser

2/28-3/3-Book Fair

2/28-3/11-SMILE Raffle Fundraiser

3/1-"Grand" Book Fair Breakfast

3/3-Reading Night and PJ Day--more to come!

3/13-Daylight Savings Ends (Spring Back)

3/24-Conferences, 4pm-7:30 pm

3/25-Conferences, No School

3/28-4/1-Spring Break

First graders used flashlights to investigate if items were transparent, translucent, or opaque.

Winter Reading Challenge Cocoa Party with the Savage Story Readers!


On Monday mornings, Fernan brains are at work! Mathletes pairs 5th graders with 2nd graders who need an extra challenge or help with math skills. They play math games together and participate in math activities.. Mathletes build the Mentor's own math skills while teaching the value of helping others. This opportunity is funded by a local non-profit organization called, 'Growing the Stem'.

Fernan's Mentor and Mentee Program

Our intermediate students are paired up with primary students to work on a variety of skills, including reading books, practicing sight words and solving math facts. We love their effort, as well as their smiles!

Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) Dates for 3rd-5th Grade Students

Save the Dates! We have a timeline to administer the ISAT to our students. Please do your best to make sure your 3rd-5th graders are here these dates:

English Language Arts ISAT Dates: April 18th-22nd

Science Date: April 26 (5th grade only)

Math ISAT Dates: May 2nd-6th

*All 3rd-5th grade students are required to take these state assessments. There will be make-up days for students as necessary with the testing window closing May 13th.