***Batoor Bangash***

Batoor And His Family

Before all the specific details about my partner, let’s start with the basics. Batoor Khan Bangash is his name and he is currently 13 and is turning 14 this December 3rd 2016. Batoor originally means “Brave” in all languages. He currently goes to The Valleys SR Public School. Batoor originated from Peshawar, Pakistan and has lived there for 3 years. His family includes a mom, a dad, and two sisters. To be more specific, his dad’s name is Zahid Ullah Khan Bangash. His mom’s name is Mahwash Habib, and lastly his two sisters. One of his sister’s name is Brekhna and she’s the oldest sister in the house; she’s 17 years old. Moving on to his younger sister, her name is Shamal and she is 10 years old.

Story Time!

There has been so many interesting stories that happened in Batoor’s family. One particular story is that his mom’s brother had made a school for the homeless back in Pakistan. As we know, in every family there is at least one special piece of jewelry, clothes, or even precious items that has value and meaning. In Batoor’s family, a watch has been passed down for 3 generations. First, the watch had been given to his grandpa. His grandpa unfortunately died however, before dying he gave his watch to his son which right now he’s known as Batoor’s dad. When Batoor’s birthday had just passed in 2015, his father had given him the watch. His father had decided a right time when to give the watch to Batoor and that was when Batoor is mature enough and is a little bit older.

Travel Info!

Batoor and his family had lived happily in a lot of areas. He first was living in Peshawar, Pakistan. Then moved and lived in U.A.E (United Arab Eremites) for a while. He moved back to Pakistan except a different city, Hangu. Finally, he moved to Mississauga, Ontario in Canada. Batoor has traveled to Pakistan, UAE, Canada, Victoria, and USA- Buffalo and New York. Batoor is wishing to travel to Hawaii, Cuba, Caribbean, London, Spain, Brasil, Argentina, and Mexico.


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He defiantly has a big sporty personality and has many sport talents. His favorite sports to play are some of the common ones. Such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, and football. He thoroughly enjoys school. His favorite subjects are science, language, history, gym, and drama. He wishes to become either a soccer player or a doctor. The reason why he chose “soccer player” was because he officially started playing soccer when he was only 2 years old. From then he fell in love with playing soccer and decided to have a career in soccer while growing up. His grandpa and his father also have a connection with soccer. They both equally love soccer no matter their age. Batoor wanting to become a doctor is because he wants to learn about the human body a little more. He also wants to help those who are in need of help.

His hobbies are anybody’s pick. He enjoys playing soccer (Obviously), playing tons of video games, running as well, he also enjoys playing and watching any sports. He has very close friends who respects him like any group of friends should. When Batoor is hanging out with his friends, they like to play videogames together. They also enjoy laughing and making the weirdest jokes. Once in awhile they all go to a field and play soccer all day long. Batoor has two dislikes, one is when a person that he is talking to ignores him and walks away. Another dislike is when someone randomly comes up and says "Ronaldo is way better than Messi" or "Messi sucks he's the worse player."


1.What genre of video games do you prefer or like?

Sports- Most of the Fifa games. Violent- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Farcry primal.

2. What are your biggest fears?

His biggest fear is dying out of no where.


Last but not least, we cannot forget about what soccer team Batoor likes. Batoor has one specific team and that is (obviously) Barcelona. His favourite player is Lionel Messi and his favourite group from Barcelona is MSN (Messi, Suarez, Neymar).

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Thank you for listening to my presentation. I hope you've learned a lot more about Batoor!