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Weekly Staff Bulletin

February 15-20, 2016

Hello Everyone,

We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day. We also want to welcome Everett Thomas to the Poynter Middle School family. Mom and son are doing just fine.

This past week we had the district accreditation team come out and visit Poynter on Tuesday. They were extremely impressed at the level of connection everyone has to the students in our school. It was very clear to them that we have a family feel at Poynter Middle School. They spoke about how building relationships with kids is extremely evident here. I will be going over other feedback from the accreditation team with team leaders and department coordinators who will share it out. It isn't much but what I received was interesting.

I also want to thank our Master Schedule Committee. We met on Monday and had a VERY successful meeting. It was impressive. We will be meeting again at the end of this month and will be giving out information/feedback on possibilities in March.

Thanks for all your dedication to Poynter and the work that you do individually every day. It truly does take a village.

Have a great week,

Jon, Katie and Nabil

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Poynter Middle School community invests in every student to help them develop skills for high school with progress towards college and career readiness.




  • attendance increases through tracking, responding, and communicating with students and families
  • multiple pathways are utilized for school to home connection such as phone calls, emails, postcards, home visits, school community events (back to school nights, parent conferences, ice cream social, AVID family nights, Latino Family Nights,
  • relevant extracurricular activities (such as clubs, sports, performances) are offered and available


  • rigorous instruction from bell to bell by all staff is a priority
  • Professional Learning Communities create common assessments and examine data to drive reflective instruction
  • explicit academic language instruction is a priority through strategies such as sentence frames, scaffolding, direct instruction, Depth of Knowledge, Constructing Meaning, FIELD
  • teacher training and implementation of strategies are supported and is part of the culture of Poynter Middle School
  • students are taught to become better organized through the use of AVID strategies


  • equitable supports focusing on individual needs are implemented within our academic teams
  • fostering a culture of respect, safety, and being connected are a value


Every student will develop skills for high school with progress towards college and career readiness.


Middle School Matters

General Information for all staff

*Academic Seminar this week--Principal. You will be meeting in the library for the first 15 minutes. HEA will be here at 7:4ish to do a little presentation. You will then break into grade level PLCs to talk about accommodations/modifications/differentiation in your classroom with assessments/units of study/lesson preparation. Nabil, Jon, Cherylen, Cheryl, Roberto, Sandy, Laura, and Mabel will be available to come to your PLCs to talk about these topics if needed.

*ESL/Latino Parent Night--We are having our 3rd ESL/Latino Parent night on Wednesday. Please join us if you would like. We are serving a traditional Mole (yum!!!) dinner.

*TELL Survey---Licensed staff...if you did not receive a TELL Survey form please see Jon this week.

*Saturday School--January 20th from 8:00-10:00.

*STAMP test---Will be on Saturday January 20 starting at 9:00. If your students have any questions please see Roberto or Nabile.

*NAEP Testing--NAEP testing will be on Wednesday. Nabil will go over this during academic seminar (briefly) on Wednesday.

*Tech Safety--Pilots and Vikings will have their Teach Safety this week. We have seen a tremendous uptick in tech issues this year. During this week it might be good to take a little time in your classes to follow up on what they learned in Tech safety.

Current Week and February At A Glance

Monday-February 15

No School-Presidents Day!

Tuesday-February 16

Yearbook Club 7:50-8:45

Wildcats/Pilots mtg. 8:00-8:45

Attendance Team Mtg. 11:00

Accreditation team visit 12:00-3:30

Pilots Tech Safety

MESA 3:15-5:00

Bike Club 3:30-4:45

Volleyball 3:15-5:00

Musical Rehearsal 3:20

Parent club 6:30

Wednesday-February 17

Academic Seminar--Principal (library)

7:50-8:50 Chess Club

9:00 NAEP testing 8th Grade

1:30 CARE team

GSA 12:00-1:30 (1st lunch Ceccarelli, 2nd lunch Byrne)

Musical Rehearsal 3:20

5:30 ESL/Latino Parent Night

Thursday-February 18

Boxers/Vikings meeting 8:00-8:45

Vikings Tech Safety

Bike Club 3:30

Friday, February 12

8:00 Team Leader Meeting

Upcoming Events:

2/22 8th grade Liberty class forecasting in science

2/23 8th grade Freshman night @ LHS 6-8 pm

2/25 VIP event during HR

2/26 8th grade Liberty forecasting sheets due

2/29 Grading window opens

3/3 8th grade self-manager picnic

3/4 G3 applications due

Remember Monday is AVID gear, Tuesday is Tie Tuesday, Wednesday is Poynter Gear, Friday is college or Liberty gear.

Thought of the Week

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