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A newsletter to our staff & community - January 11-17th 2015

Principal's Post

The Viking Nation is in full swing now in our second semester. We have fresh legs and a solid foundation laid, so it is time to make the most of it. We can achieve great things together this semester, particularly by leaning into our common training and purpose, and through articulated and individualized planning. we have worked very hard to set our selves up for success by supporting students through common language structures, reading with a purpose and tying closer together through our efforts in LIFE and through SEL. We get a chance to show off our hard work this Tuesday from 1:30-3:30, when the High School Office with Ms. Ryan and her team come to look at the work we've done and the student success observable in our classrooms. I am excited to have our team of instructional leaders show off the many great things happening each day in our classrooms.

I would also like to thank the many staff and students who participated in the HS Showcase last Saturday at the Palmer for putting Lanier's best foot forward. We had a great display of student ambassadors promoting their program and Lanier's awesome culture and caring and student success. We are always working to make sure the best best and brightest choose Lanier as their place to work hard in making their dreams come true. Thank you all for your dedication to making that a reality. Have a great day and and as always... Have a great rest of the week.

Teacher / Staff of the Year Nominations

We actively seeking nominations for vetting by the staff on this Thursday late start to narrow our great staff down to 3 finalists. Please look at the list that is emailed out for candidates eligible. We will announce those finalists Thursday by the end of the day so we can have a week to vote on our classroom champion by the end of the next week. With so many qualified candidates it is hard but keep in mind the tenets of our mission statement; academic excellence, pride, respect, and responsibility. Let them guide you through the process. to nominate please click the link below. We will email out the official list of potential nominees as well as have a copy available for paper entries in the office.

Also take a look at the other staff of the year nominations and see if you feel like nominating one of our amazing support staff for recognition of their excellence. We are so blessed to have these staff members that make the work possible and supported. Find that process in the link below.

My Brother Keeper - MBK

Following up on my trip to DC to work with the Department of Education and the My Brother's Keeper initiative, we are going to to be discussing the potential of mentoring the upcoming group of ninth graders who have been Chronically Absent. Research says that providing a strong mentor and advocate that has a focus on that child can make a huge difference in the students who we struggle the most with, both in keeping current in their learning and in working through the other things in life that slow them down. We will speak more about this important work a late start.

Learn more at

Late Start Schedule

7:45-8:10 Tacos in the Cafeteria (We are going back to Tacolate as they can get them ready on time!!!)

8:10 - 8:30 General Business

8:30 - 9:30 Whole group Training for / by

  • Security - Ofc Wooden
  • Viking Values -PBIS Team
  • 504 - Romero
  • Valhalla Process - L. Beaman

9:30 - 10:00 PLC Planing time (Bookclub)- focus on targeted instruction and incorporation of literacy plan.

Plan Forward

Owens on Duty

Monday 1-11 A Day

  • Boys Soccer Vs Reagan @ Nelson JV 5:30 Var 7

Tuesday 1-12 B day

  • High School Office Visit 1:30-3:30
  • Girls Soccer vs Del Valle @ Lanier - LHS 4:30
  • Girls Basketball vs Reagan @ Reagan JV 5:30, Var 7 pm
  • Boys Basketball vs Reagan @ LHS JV 5:30, Var 7 pm SENIOR NIGHT

Wednesday 1-13 A day

  • Teaching Staff Training in Goldroom during Conference per. - Student Interventions
  • Start-up Superstars meeting in Goldroom at Lunch
  • Boys Soccer - Varsity @ Copa Akins

Thursday 1-14 B day - LATE START

  • Late Start
  • Heart of Texas Writing Workshop for ELA I and II in Goldroom all day

Friday 1-15 B day

  • Viking Wrestling @ Pederson Invitational in San Antonio all day
  • Girls Basketball vs McCallum @ LHS Fr 5:30, JV 6:30, Var 8 pm
  • Boys Basketball vs Reagan @ McCallum Fr 5:30, JV 6:30, Var 8 pm
  • Girls Soccer vs Akins @ Lanier - LHS 4:00

In the distance...

January 27th - MBK Mentor virtual summit

February 3 - Lanier Showcase for incoming students

Attendance Dashboard

Goals = 93.3%

Attendance for last week = 90.3

As we look at individualizing our instruction it is evermore important to make sure we help get our students here every day. Please keep up the work wether as a classroom teacher calling home and planning amazing lessons, or support staff helping parents and students under stand the rewards and consequences of non attendance. It takes all hands on deck to make our goal of 93.3% this year. If we get them here, the magic can happen!!

College and Career Monthly Update

Here are some interesting facts to see the progress the CCC has made in the month of December:

  • 94% college application rate (2 & 4 year) with 329 4-year applications and 38 2-year applications (285/304 seniors)
  • 16 seniors currently registered for upcoming January SAT or ACT
  • 15% of senior class have been accepted to a college or university (45/304 seniors)
  • On December 3rd, College & Career Night gave information and a local college & career fair to freshmen, sophomores and juniors and their parents
  • $43,000 has been awarded to students in scholarships (4/304 seniors)

Viking Fit - Take your Health Risk Assessment this month

Three steps to take your health assessment:

1. Log in to your secure member website at New to the site? Just click “Register.”

2. Click on “Health Records.”

3. Choose the “Take a health assessment” link — and go!

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