Writing Lab

November 29 - December 7, 2022

Hello and thank you for subbing. You will need my Blue Sub Folder on my desk and the Day 7 Folder which is either on my desk or in the metal file holder on my desk. Inside the Day 7 folder is a list of all the classes you will get today and also their seating chart. Behind the seating chart, there is a list of the kids who earned sitting on the couch. Read the last 4 names written. My conference is at the beginning of the day. Please pick a couple of pages from the Sub Folder for 3rd Grade to do today and make copies. Also, please sharpen pencils and colored pencils that are dull in the baskets on the table. Also, during lunch monitoring, you will monitor Mrs. Ibarra's class. Disregard the 1st grade directions. You will pick up today's 1st grade class and take them to the cafeteria to practice for their Christmas assembly.

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3rd Grade- Students will complete their ornament description and then play "Which ornament is mine?" This is a very confusing project to explain so for 3rd Grade, get my blue Sub Folder on my desk and look at the 3rd Grade tab and pick a few pages out to make copies for the kids to work on today. If they finish early, there are some Christmas poems they can work on in the baskets on the shelf by the door.

2nd Grade- Students will watch the read aloud Santa's Stuck. Next they will write about what they would do if Santa was stuck in their chimney. These papers are in the 2nd grade basket by my laptop stand. Make sure they watch the read aloud before writing. After they finish writing, they can color the stuck Santa page. This is all they will do today. We will finish the project next week. They need to have their name on both papers. If they finish early, they can complete a poem page in the baskets on the shelf by the door.

STORYTIME | Santa's Stuck by Rhonda Gowler Greene | READ ALOUD

1st Grade- After Get Your Wiggles Out Time, students will complete their How-to book, How to Decorate a Christmas Tree. First, scroll down and let the kids dance to the two videos. Next, hand out the Christmas Tree books the kids wrote last week. They are in the 1st Grade basket. Also, hand them out a cover page for their book. They will color their cover page after writing their name and class code and then cut all 5 Christmas Tree pages out. Help them put their story in the correct order and staple the book onto red or green construction paper. If they have time, they can color presents and decorations around their tree. There is an example hanging on my board. It will help them to see the finished project. Make sure they clean up all the trash before going back to class.

Holiday Dance Song | Christmas Songs for Kids
Elf on a Shelf Chase | Christmas Brain Break | Winter | Just Dance

Kindergarten- After Get Your Wiggles Out Time, students will write a letter to Santa. Scroll up and let the kids get their wiggles out to the same two videos. Next, have the kids get a blue clipboard (I believe these are on the barstool by my dry erase board) and a pencil. They can sit on the carpet in front of the TV. Hand them a Santa letter from the Kinder basket. Using the data projector, read the letter and explain to them what they need to write. In the 3 boxes where they tell what they want for Christmas, just have them draw a picture. When completed, they can put their clipboards up and go to their seat and color their Santa letters. There are some Christmas trees they can color when they are finished in the Kinder basket.

4th Grade- Students will continue their water essays or write about what they think their teacher wants for Christmas. Some of the kids are working on an essay for a contest. Let these kids get their chromebooks to get started. TELL THEM THAT THEY NEED TO FINISH TODAY. The students that are not participating in the contest will write about what they think their teacher wants for Christmas. Find the correct teacher in the 4th Grade basket and hand them out a page. They can color a Christmas outfit for their teacher and draw and color what they think their teacher wants after they complete writing. If they finish early, they can complete a poem in the baskets by the door.