Carrying a concealed gun

Good or bad?

Is carrying a gun good or bad?

Carrying a gun Is an issue at times because people take advantage of concealing a gun. The more guns people buy, more crimes are going to happen.What happens when someone feels harmed or scared and they just take their gun and shoot? Thats one or more people being killed for no reason.Why not just call the police and explain the situation?Opponents of a concealed gun carry argue that increased gun ownership leads to more gun crime an unintended gun injuries.Some people argue the fact that gun's save lives,but gun's also take lives.States and counties frequently restrict where concealed weapons can be carried to exclude schools, government buildings, and establishments where alcohol is served.Carrying a concealed handgun in public is permitted for non-law enforcement officials in all 50 states.They contend that concealed handguns increase the chances of arguments becoming lethal, and that society would be safer with fewer guns on the street not more.

What do you think about handguns?

In my own opinion i think that people should only use a gun for protection when there at there house,or outside during night time.I dont think it's right for someone to die because you couldn't handle carrying a gun.Remember what happened to Trayvon Martin?I hope and pray to god that never happens again.Trayvon was killed because George Zimmerman wanted to be top flight security of the world and said he felt harmed.If your going to have a gun use when needed dont abuse your right to bear arms.

Pro 1

Criminals are less likely to attack someone that they believe might be armed.

Pro 2

Concealed handguns are an effective non-lethal form of self-defense a majority of the time.

Pro 3

A majority of adults who legally carry concealed handguns are law-abiding citizens who do not misuse their firearms.

Con 1

Concealed handguns are not an effective form of self-defense.

Con 2

Carrying a concealed handgun increases the chances of a confrontation escalating and turning lethal.

Con 3

The concealed carrying of handguns increases the likelihood of unintended shootings taking place.