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Communication Updates

Important Information Included!

Please review the following communication that was previously sent to help prepare you for Remote Learning classes that begin on Tuesday, September 8th at 7:45 am!

Included in this newsletter:

  • Important Reminder
  • First Day "Patience"
  • Updating PowerSchool School Forms
  • Remote Learning Expectations
  • Bell Schedule
  • What Students Do on Sept. 8th
  • How Students Contact Their Teachers
  • Technology Tutorials
  • Live Class Meeting Expectations
  • Technology Help Desk
  • Administration Contact Info

Check Your PowerSchool Schedule

Before school begins tomorrow, double-check your PowerSchool schedule to make sure you "attend" the correct classes. If a last-minute change was made, a student may have more than four Class Teams assigned to them. This will be resolved quickly.

Remember, students will only have a max of FOUR classes assigned to them for the first quarter!

Patience on the First Day

RMHS Teachers, Students, and Families,

We recognize there will most likely be any number of issues that can arise as we are starting something new for the very first time. As we are all attempting to connect to the Internet, log in, remember passwords, and start or join a live meeting, there will most likely be some glitches. Teachers will need to remember this about students, and students about teachers. We will all need to exhibit a large amount of patience and grace for one another while we are experiencing this new way of teaching and learning.

Remember, WE ARE ROCKY, and we are all on the same team! We've got this!

If you do experience any difficulties with technology, please see below for the options to receive help. You can also call RMHS for guidance or information on who to contact.

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Updating School Forms in PowerSchool!!

In order for students to view their class schedule in PowerSchool, parents must update their School Forms in PowerSchool. The 1-1 Device Optional Insurance is a newly added form that needs to be completed even if you do not wish to purchase the insurance. Click here for
directions on how to find and complete this form or others that need to be completed.

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Remote Learning Expectations

School will start on Tuesday, September 8th at 7:45 am. In order for our students to make the most of their remote learning, students are expected to follow the bell schedule while at home. Please keep in mind that this will not mean students will be sitting and staring at their computers all day long; students should be completing activities, assignments, and assessments. Attendance will be taken each class period.

Reminder: Students will only see FOUR classes on their schedule for 1st-quarter! There will only be four Class Teams for students to access, if they have a full schedule.

Student login information is the same as last year: first initial, the first four letters of last name, last four numbers of PowerSchool ID number (example: broye5555). Passwords were not reset over the summer. If a login requires the student's email address, it should look similar to this: broye5555@westada.org.

On the first day, teachers will be letting students know what their class set-up and schedule will look like and help them navigate through the Class Team to find class materials, information, and assignments.

Remember: Students WILL be expected to turn in all assignments. Assignments and Assessments will be graded!

Students also need to be checking their school e-mail daily. If they do not know their West Ada login and password, they can contact the West Ada support desk. Click here to access the district website with contact information for help. Students/parents can also contact school administration for help with login and passwords.

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What Students Should Do on Tuesday, September 8th (and each school day after).

  1. Students should be logging on to their computers prior to the start of class. It is recommended to begin this process around 7:30 am.
  2. At approximately 7:40 am, students should be logging into Microsoft Teams and locating their first-period classes.
  3. At 7:45 am, students should be navigating through the Class Team.
  4. Students should check the Daily Task Planner channel for directions for the day's activities and expectations.
  5. Many teachers will be hosting a live class meeting. Be sure to join these meetings. Most of these meetings will be held in the Remote Class Channel. If you need help with how to do this, see the explanations provided below.
  6. Students are expected to follow the instructions for this class period and any necessary activities or assignments.
  7. Students will follow this process for each one of their classes for the day.
  8. 2nd-period will begin at 9:20 am. Navigate to 2nd-period Class Team.
  9. Lunch will begin at 10:50.
  10. 3rd-period will begin at 11:35. Navigate to 3rd-period Class Team.
  11. 4th-period will begin at 1:11. Navigate to 4th-period Class Team.
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How Students Should Contact Their Teachers

Students can e-mail their teachers or post questions to them in the Questions Channel in each Class Team.

Click here for the RMHS staff directory. Click on a teacher’s name to see their e-mail address.

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Technology How-To Videos and Documents

It is recommended for students to login into their Class Teams PRIOR to Tuesday to familiarize themselves with each one. It is also recommended to have district-provided laptops connected to home WiFi prior to Tuesday. Students are allowed to use their own computer or laptop, if they prefer.

Click here for a variety of tutorial videos on how to login on district-provided laptops, connect to WiFi from home, how to access Microsoft Teams, and care for devices.

Click on the video link below to view a tutorial from an RMHS teacher on logging in and navigating through Class Teams. Thank you, Mrs. McCulloch!!

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Mr. Dransfield is here to help too.

Live Class Meetings

RMHS Teachers will be holding live class meetings. It is important students understand how to join these meetings and what will be expected of them in regards to their online behavior. Please read through the document below to better understand how to join these meetings and the class expectations.
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What to Do If You Are Having Technology Troubles?

If students are experiencing problems with their devices or accessing necessary applications, they can contact the district’s technology support team for remote assistance. Click here for more details.

Students and parents may call the IT Service Desk at (208)350-5300, Monday-Friday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm. There is also an option for a live chat with an IT agent. Click the link above to be directed to this service.

The link on the webpage will look like the following:

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When Will We Move to Hybrid (Yellow) Learning?

At this point, we do not know what phase of learning (red/remote or yellow/hybrid) we will be operating in for the 2nd week of school. The West Ada school board will be meeting on Tuesday, September 8th to make that determination. At this point, we will be operating on a week-to-week basis. Until a change is made, students will be learning remotely.

RMHS will communicate with students and families as soon as we are made aware of any changes to the learning phase.

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Welcome back to Rocky, Mrs. Roy!

Need to Contact RMHS Administration?

Mike Hirano: Head Principal

Jason Dransfield: Assistant Principal—Special Education

Melissa Knueven: Assistant Principal—Academics, students M-Z

Troy Rice: Activities Director

Brooke Roy: Assistant Principal—Academics, students A-L

Matt Smith: Assistant Principal—Building Health & Safety, Behavior Remediation, all students

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