K-5 Art Lessons in Seesaw

Made during remote and hybrid learning 2020-2021


Dear Teachers,

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All-School Challenges

The Scribble Challenge (K-5)

This all-school challenge gave students a chance to think creatively as they transformed a scribble into something from their imagination. They learned to respond in seesaw and take a photo of their work. We turned this into a fun guessing game when we viewed our drawings together in zoom.

SeeSaw Lesson

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Creepy Carrots (K-5)

Students listened to the book, Creepy Carrots as they designed a carrot patch landscape with foreground, middle ground, background, overlapping, and a horizon line.

The landscape was colored with secondary colors and shading to make long shadows from the glow of the moon. Each carrot showed a different expression.

This was simplified for Kindergarten by focusing on fewer carrots. This was made more challenging for 4th-5th graders by drawing the block lettering with dimension from the beginning pages of the book in the lower corner of the landscape.

SeeSaw Activity

My Example

Student art

Haunted House K-5

Students will identify shapes in haunted house designs as they draw and listen to the story, I'm Not Afraid of this Haunted House. They can photographer and attach their art then use the glow pen in seesaw to make the ghost and windows glow.

Seesaw lesson


Student art

Elements of Art Scavenger Hunt K-5

Students use this seesaw activity to hunt for the elements of art in their homes or learning spaces. They use the template to put together a collage of the 7 elements and use the resources provided to learn about them.

SeeSaw Lesson

Watch this Fugleflick about the Elements of Art

1st Trimester Art Reflection

Students use this reflection template to talk about their favorite piece of art from the first trimester this year.

Appropriate for K-5

Seesaw activity

Elf Yourself

Take a selfie, drag over some elf accessories, then learn your elf name.

Seesaw activity

Dryden's ARTifacts

Discover some interesting art-related Dryden School facts.

Seesaw Activity

Augmented Reality Kindness Gallery

View these short episodes about kindness from our 5th grade students as they come to life with augmented reality from the art room wall.

Seesaw activity

Visual Literacy Game

Students spin the wheels to find an ADJECTIVE, NOUN, and VERB. Then, try to draw it.

It's a great way to practice illustrating, communicating through art, and learning phonics.

Seesaw Activity

Grade-Level Art Lessons

Color Wheel Kindergarten

This lesson identifies the primary colors and their placement on the color wheel. Then students are asked to use the highlighter tool to mix the primary colors to make secondary colors.

SeeSaw Lesson

Brain Break with Color Wheel

OK Go Primary Color Song

Color Wheel Butterflies Kindergarten

Students use the primary colors to fill their symmetrical butterfly designs while mixing to make secondary colors.

Practice coloring a butterfly symmetrically

Upload a finished design

Student art

Rainbow Fish 1st Grade

Students used this activity to practice drawing the rainbow fish.

We talked about the parts of a fish, the texture of the scales, and how the drawing can be made from shapes and lines. Then we colored with balance slowly and carefully as we listened to the story of The Rainbow Fish. Students reflected on friendship as well.

SeeSaw Activity

Take a Good Photo of Rainbow Fish

Student Results

Self-Portrait 2nd Grade

Second graders learned to map out their face, draw the features in proportion, and mix their crayons to make skin color while creating their self-portraits.

SeeSaw Activity to Practice

Student Results

If the Dinosaurs Came Back 3rd Grade

Students are using observational drawing to draw one of my dinosaur examples beginning with shapes then adding details. They are then using analogous colors to color their dinosaur and blending shades and highlights. Then, they use the book, If the Dinosaurs Came Back for inspiration to create a scene that represents how useful dinosaurs could be if they returned.

Draw a dinosaur

Practice Coloring with Analogous Colors

Create a background inspired by the book

Student examples

My Alien 4th Grade

Students learned to draw their profile and side view of their hand. Then, they were inspired by the book, Your Alien, to imagine an alien friend who comes to visit.

Draw a profile and hand

Design an alien

Student examples

Robots 5th Grade

Students are turning shapes into forms to design useful robots.

Seesaw activity

Student art

Onomatopoeia Comic Words 5th Grade

Students use block lettering techniques and make a sound word look like the pop art of Roy Lichtenstein.

First step seesaw lesson

Second step seesaw lesson

Student Examples

Exquisite Corpse Collaboration Game

Students use this collaborative jamboard to contribute to a group drawing of one creature. This game was created by surrealist artists as a way to appreciate different styles of art-making and generate creativity.

Seesaw activity